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Sonic Blitz Blog Empty Global announcement:

The Current State of Sonic Blitz

Sonic Blitz Blog Pa4iMEQ

For those who are already here they pretty much already know this well enough. But for any new members wandering in wondering what this queer forumotion sonic themed site at the corner of the web might be, first I'd like to say Welcome.

Sonic Blitz as it stands is a non-active forum that's mostly only used by a small, close-knit group primarily to share our writing. Just about all of us here hold a passion for storytelling, be it fanfiction or otherwise. To anyone else, this may appear to be...
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Sonic Blitz Blog Empty Global announcement:

Site Cleanup

EDIT: It's that time of year again. Kapus has decided to pitch in this time. He has changed most of the colors around this site. Now instead of Fan Clubs, there are Colored groups for the sole purpose of choosing a color for your name. If you want to change your color, join a group with the color you want and make sure to remove yourself from any other colored groups; They might conflict with each other.

So, because the colored groups were, for the most part, made from the Fan Clubs, some user's colors have been mixed up a bit. Feel free to change!
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I'm currently writing this message from school. For whatever reason, Forumotion is completely down in my house, meaning I can't access any of its forums on any of my computers. Not Sonic Blitz, nor Sonic World, or any other place like them. I've been locked out of the blitz for two or three days now and I have no idea why.

I'm hoping to find the problem soon because this is bad. It's almost like being locked out of your own car, or worse, your house.

So, that's why I've been absent.
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 5 - Views: 861

A day late, but whatever~
So, 2014 is upon us. Hope everyone enjoyed 2013 while it lasted!

I've pretty much given up on trying to keep this place active and stuff. As long as people check in every now and then to confirm that they're not dead, that's alright with me.
Speaking of them, last year we had a whole bunch of older members return and hang out for Christmas and such for the end of 2012. In comparison to that, this holiday season felt a little low key, (as Kapus put it.)

Oh well, what can ya do? Let's aim to make 2014 a year worth remembering!

by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 2 - Views: 422

Very recently, in fact just a few days ago, I discovered something surprising to me. is no more. As of November 2012, they shut down for good. Their site is completely gone; their forums, their cheesy games and confusing layouts, everything.

....I'm rather shocked. This news kind of...saddens me. For those of you who didn't know, I was once a member of the Sonic X forums on 4kids. Dating way back to February 27th, 2006. That place...that place was my online home. It was the first forum, the first site, the first community, I ever became a part of. That is the place...
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This banner is now a year old.

You could say that I've been busy.
You could also say that I've been lazy.

Whichever the case, I still haven't even begun to make a new banner for this site. If I do make a new banner, it'll most likely be universal and final. Though I do find this thing to be kind of fitting for this place, anyway.

Sonic Blitz Blog Smash_12
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 0 - Views: 409

Happy New Year, everyone! So it's now 2013. Time sure flies, don't it?

I'm pretty disappointed that we didn't get to do much for the Blitz in the second half of 2012. I mean, the 4th of July banner is still up. But overall, I'm sure most of you people had a fun time doing whatever you did. But hey, it wasn't a total loss. We managed to get some plans down for RP's and such, and gathered a handful of members to sit down and chat. It was nice seeing everyone together. Smile

I'm gonna try to be a...
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 0 - Views: 446

Look at that calendar. It's already December.

How many people actually visit this place on a regular basis anymore? Even I scarcely look to this place for anything other than SpTH updates and writing and storing notes in my PM's. Seeing that the only recent members online have gone down to 4, (including yourself) is pretty discouraging to say the least. Honestly I'm not sure what to do at this point. We did the site cleanup, we invited new members, we got a few new members, activity droned on for a bit longer, and now we're dead again. I have yet to update the banner to...
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 4 - Views: 462

Okay so, This summer did not really go like I had planned. We were supposed to finish up the Site Cleanup and then invite new members from Sonic Blitz, to arrive just in time for the Blitz Pit World Tournament as well as allowing us to open up more contests and roleplays.

However, only one person ended up joining after seeing the invite, and he's not even around anymore. So, July ended up being a pretty dead month for Sonic Blitz. Which is a real shame, since it ended in my birthday. Neutral
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 0 - Views: 485

Spring is nearing it's end, and so is the site cleanup. We've changed up the site a whole lot since we first started, but there's still stuff to be done. We've enabled a site calendar just a little while ago, and I've been working on adding events to it. But, to my surprise, they were all posted in the news section as if I were making them into new topics for right now. I've moved them into the basket until I learn more about this. I may do some experimenting with the calendar to make sure I'm not screwing something up.

That aside, The last few things we need to do are cleaning out the...
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Hey guys. Sorry I haven't really been active, lately. I've been feeling kinda out of it since this weekend, when I had gotten sick. I'm feeling better now, but I haven't been really able to get back into focus on things around here. I've completely and utterly neglected every single RP I'm in for a few days now. I haven't been in the writing mood. Instead I've just been trying to catch up on other things around here. Cleaning my room, taking care of some personal matters, etc. Though I did manage to get some work done on my game. That was good.

I've still got some things to do here and...
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 1 - Views: 519

Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing well. Happy New Years!
So we're finally moving onto 2012. No, the world isn't going to spontaneously combust.

Anyway, Sorry that I have not prepared anything for this special occasion. I've got a lot on my hands at the moment. I really need to make a list of all the things I need to get done.
Anyway, I'm hoping that this year will be a good one for everyone. Take care, and have a great new year!
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 1 - Views: 537

I don't have a real name for this, do I?
Well, Sonic Blitz has been a tad quiet lately. Not quite dead, but just quiet. The Blitz Pit World Tournament is running a bit slower than I'd like. I'm hoping that the fact that I started up two more matches would have resulted in more activity. The reason I didn't make all the matches at once was because I didn't want to leave the Lobby and the Training Room completely empty. But if things stay the way they are, then I'll open up the rest of the matches.

Aside from that, there hasn't been too much other activity on the site. It might be because a few members are absent.
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 2 - Views: 495

It's finally here.

The Blitz Pit World Tournament will last all summer long. The World Tournament is the biggest tournament of them all, allowing several more fighters to compete for the World Cup and the title of "World Champion". Fighters from all over the world tend to participate.

Ladies And Gentlemen! The World Tournament Will Now Begin!

by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 0 - Views: 997

I've got a NEW main computer! Now I can get back to work on everything I couldn't before! Yay! cheers

That means I'll be back to working on Splice The Hedgehog. I've already imported almost everything I added onto the outdated version. I'm really excited now.
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 0 - Views: 492

There we go. I believe this will help me keep better track of stuff that needs to be done. It feels a little more open. I might add a thing or two to it to spruce it up. But for now, this is how it looks. What do you all think?
by Smash The Echidna - Comments: 0 - Views: 475
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