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 Broken Buttons

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PostSubject: Broken Buttons   Sat Oct 04, 2014 7:02 am

Looks like some of our buttons around the site broke. (Dangit, imageshack.) Since it's near impossible to tell what's what anymore, I'll be reverting these broken buttons back to default until we can somehow replace them.

EDIT UPDATE: As I was reverting the broken buttons, I managed to salvage the sole survivor of the big buttons. Using that I was able to make a base to edit off of so that I can revive all the other ones.

(hardest part was un-jpeg'ing it.)

I actually kinda like this font...

In short, I should be able to bring them all back, and possibly replace some of those mini icons that never upgraded from the default in the first place.

EDIT UPDATE 2: I've fixed the most important stuff. It's a good thing this all happened early in the morning when no one was online.

EDIT UPDATE 3: I'm done for the day, but I noticed there are some other things I'd long since forgotten to fix. Namely the Savebox icon in your private messages.


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Broken Buttons
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