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Sonic Blitz

Sonic Blitz - Registration Agreement Terms

Forum Terms of service

The moderators of this forum will try hard to edit or remove reprehensible messages as soon as possible. However, it is impossible for them to review all the messages. You thus admit that all the messages posted on this forum express the sight and opinion of their respective authors and not those of the moderators or the Webmaster (except messages posted by them) and consequently, they cannot be held responsible of the discussions.

This forum uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies will not contain any personal information; they are only used to improve comfort while browsing. The address e-mail is only used in order to confirm the details of your registration as your password (and also to send you back your password if you forget it).

- Aggressive or slanderous messages, as well as personal insults and critics, the coarseness and vulgarities, and more generally any message contravening the French laws are prohibited.
- Messages who promote - or evoke - illegal practices are prohibited.
- If you post informations which come from another site
, look first if the site in question doesn't forbid it. Show the address of the site in question in order to respect the work of their administrators!
- Please post your messages only once. The repetitions are unpleasant and useless!
- Please make an effort on grammar and spelling. SMS-style language (ex: r u sk8ing?) is not advised!

Any message contravening the listing above will be edited or removed without additional notice or justification within deadlines which will depend on the availability of the moderators. Any abuse will involve the cancellation of the registration. Internet is neither an anonymous space, nor a space of no-right! We reserve ourselves the possibility of informing your access provider and/or the legal authorities of any malevolent behavior. An IP address of each poster is recorded in order to help us to make you respect these conditions.

By clicking on " I agree to these terms " below:
- You acknowledge to have fully read these current rules;
- You commit yourself to respect unreservedly these current rules;
- You grant the moderators of this forum the right to delete, move or edit any discussion subject at any moment.

Forum Rules:
  • No Flaming, Bashing, or insulting others. Be respectful of other members. If they're doing something wrong, feel free to correct them. But not in a manner that only worsens the situation. That is a sure way to create a flame war. Approach them with an attitude that shows you want to help them and to give them confidence in correcting themselves, rather than in a manner that makes them feel "worthless". If they don't listen, and it becomes an actual problem, then inform the staff.
  • No Spam. The last thing any forum needs is for threads to be clogged up with offtopic, one worded posts. If I have to go into detail of what Spam means, then look at the following. 1: Spam can actually be considered as an abbreviation. Spam = "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages". That tells you a little something, doesn't it? 2: Posts with only one word in them is generally considered spam. Please try to put a little more in your posts. Although sometimes there's really not much else you can say other than the one word, maybe try saying in your post that its all you can really say at that point. That may excuse you from angry staff members. But no matter what, if you have just one smiley in your post and that's it, its definitely spam. Its even spammier if you put more smileys in there without words. And if the smiley doesn't even relate to the topic's situation, that's around the spammiest you can get. 3: Posting something completely offtopic and unrelated to what the current topic is in a thread is considered spam. Sometimes this happens by accident if you accidentally post something in the wrong thread without paying much attention, but obviously if done intentionally its spam. Please try to stay on topic and not to stray away from it. Straying away from it happens from time to time. Just be mindful of what the topic is originally about. 4: If you're new here, you should always look for the introductions area rather than posting "hello" in some random topic. Intro's should be made in the intros section, not willy nilly. 5: Double/Triple or more posting in a row is considered spam. If you have more to say and there are no new posts, edit the last post you made. (Double posting can be excused if it was a mistake. Just be sure to remove the copy or ask staff to do it if you can't.) If you own the thread and you have an update, It is perfectly fine to post again if you were the last one to post before. If you have more to add on your update, but your thread is lost under other newer updated threads, One nifty method is to edit your post, then copy everything in it, then delete your post, then paste it and post it again. This bumps your topic and avoids double posting AND adds an update all at the same time.
  • Rated PG13 at most. Meaning No cursing, no gore, no sexual content. We have young users here that do not need to be exposed to that type of stuff, even if you're not serious about it. The young are our future, and we want our future to be a bright one.
  • No advertising until you have 100 posts or more. Do no join just for the sake of showing off your site and then we never hear from you again. That's very disrespectful.
  • And lastly, Have fun. We want our users to feel welcome here, not so uptight that they feel uncomfortable. If you need any help or have any questions, Feel free to ask us.
Chatbox Rules:
  • No Spamming. Spamming is generally like what was explained above in the forum, minus the one worded and single smiley posts. That can be excused since its an instant messenger. But what you want to avoid is posting the same thing rapidly so that people can't keep up with their conversation with someone else.
  • Do not post large pictures. Large pictures will stretch the chatbox and cause it to jump. Smaller pictures are acceptable, but the larger ones become a nuisance. Post direct links to them instead. If you are a chat mod, you can post large pics if you are willing to clear the chat afterwards, but only if other members don't mind clearing the chat.
  • RP's often develop inside chatboxes. These are all well and good. But please refrain from any inappropriate content. Meaning No cursing, no gore, no sexual content. Please keep in mind that We have young users here that do not need to be exposed to that type of stuff, even if you're not serious about it.
  • Please respect the chat moderators and ask them for help if you need it. They have power that you don't have. If you are disobeying the rules they can kick or ban you from the chat. Watch what you say. If a moderator is abusing his/her power, inform a different staff member of the incident and we'll talk to them about it.