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 Important Announcement concerning my Fangames.

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Important Announcement concerning my Fangames. Empty
PostSubject: Important Announcement concerning my Fangames.   Important Announcement concerning my Fangames. EmptyFri Apr 30, 2010 2:47 am

I'm posting this on every forum that I have showed my games on.

Now, I'm sure some of you know that I've been working on more than one game. Frost's Adventure and Splice The Hedgehog.

Concerning Frost's Adventure, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to stop working on it. In other words, cancel it. I know. I promised that I would finish it. But Frost's story was never really great. It was cliche, even though I had fixed it up the best I could, it was still pretty bad. But not appalling. The MAIN reason though, is because the story skips to different periods of his life. Many other games that have the main character as a child who grows up later only have one time jump. This one has like 3-4. And, at certain points of the game, the story drags on for too long, because in the original story, I skipped over a lot. In fact, I skipped a whole planet worth of story. So, Frost's Adventure was doomed to a crashing stop even if I had continued onward with the story. The game got recreated 4 times, anyway. I guess that tells you a little something about it.

However, I can't just throw Frost away like that, for Kirby Fangames were one of the earliest projects I had attempted. So...I am going to go back to my very first idea for Frost's Adventure. I am going to make what is currently known as "Frost's Adventure 2: Dark Kirby's Conquest", The planned sequel. You might be wondering "What's the story behind that?" Well, I'll tell you. Frost's Adventure didn't start out showing his backstory. It was originally something else. The story was actually pretty good. At least above average. The Problem? I executed it the wrong way, since it was back then. Waaaaay back then. The game was so appalling, I couldn't even get past making the intro. I scrapped it and started over, when I got the idea about making a prequel to tell Frost's story. It was kind of needed, since Frost currently lives on Mobius, Sonic's world. We needed to know how he got there. I'll have to settle for a rather long introduction. Maybe as long as the one I just made for Frost's Adventure.
So now, I'm going to remake the game again, the way it was supposed to be. Hopefully it'll be better. I'm going to need some help though, I need some drawn pics of scenes for the intro. Its going to be a whole movie file. I'd prefer if they were all done by the same artist (one who is a very good artist at that, but do your best anyway.) but the more the merrier they say.

As for Splice The Hedgehog, There is a LARGE possibility that there will be a sequel, Starring Smash The Echidna. Of course, Splice will be one of the main characters, but Smash has to be the star.

Over the years, there have been a few RP's that I've been with Star which were relating to eachother in some way. The death of one of Star's main fancharacters lead to the mystery of a very sketchy organization, and also leads to a shocking revelation about Cymbeline.
The plot twists for the sequel are bigger, but I'm not sure if the dramatic battles will be as intense as in the first game.
However, I may be able to do something about that. Wink

So! Here's how I 'm gonna go about this. After I finish a chapter on Splice The Hedgehog, I will move onto Frost's Adventure. After I finish a chapter on that, I'll move back to Splice, and so on and so forth. When they both are done, I'll move onto the sequels. Frost's Adventure was going to have a third game, making it a trilogy. But now, it will be the second. But the name will stay the same, after the RP I did with Speedy and Kapus. "The Final Nightmare". It will involve both Frost's gang and the people on Mobius.
A little fun fact here. Frost's Adventure is based more on past events, while Splice The Hedgehog is based more on the present events. Although The Final Nightmare was very recent. Timeline wise, it goes like this: Frost's Adventure, Frost's Adventure 2, Splice The Hedgehog directly afterwards, and then the sequel which has no name yet.

This is all I can tell you for now. This concludes my important announcement. Smash The Echidna, Signing out.

Important Announcement concerning my Fangames. 8nV4rZT
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Important Announcement concerning my Fangames.
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