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 Tharros Polemitis

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PostSubject: Tharros Polemitis   Tharros Polemitis EmptyMon Dec 24, 2012 10:44 pm

Name: Tharros

Age: Tharros has lived for over 2,000 years. His aging process is highly decelerated and physically, he only appears in his late 20's or early 30's.

Species: Griffin

Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet, 4 inches tall

Weight: 250 pounds.

IQ: 180

Marital Status: Single

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Birthdate: Unknown

Birth Place: Unknown.

Residence: Wherever fate takes him.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Social class: Loner

Dominant hand: Ambidextrous

Appearance: Being the hybrid he is; Tharros has the head of an eagle, sporting white feathers and a large, golden colored and curved beak with two nostril pits. Despite having a beak, he has 2 rows of teeth with the upper and lower canines being 3 inch long fangs which are easily exposed. He has a pair of piercing and rigid eyes with a glassy white sclera, deep gold irises and large, black feline-like pupils. Another eagle trait is his strong and durable white feathered wings with a wingspan of almost 7 feet protruding from his upper back. On his chest, he has an excessively tufted, diamond shaped patch of white feathers. From his knees down is covered in white feathers. Tharros has 4 digit talons for feet with black and slightly curved 5 inch claws on each end. His arms, torso and upper legs are that of a lion with short brown fur covering those regions. He has a thick and large dark brown mane that encircles his entire head and hangs just below shoulder level. His large paws have 3 inch, retractable claws hidden within each of his fingertips. He has a long and thin tail with a large tuft of dark brown fur on the tip that is typically carried in an arc. When his tail is fully stretched out, it’s shown to be slightly over half of Tharros’ height.

Personality: Tharros possesses immense willpower and a desire to "better" the world. He is extremely stubborn and does not believe in compromise. He believes in very clear definitions of right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, and winner and loser. Tharros will rarely take the role of a leader, though he sometimes serves as second-in-command or as the backbone of an organization or group. It is difficult to convince him to change his mind, but once his mind has changed, expect him to jump to the opposite extreme of the argument; he does not believe in finding middle ground. He is extremely confident, though in a more stoic and less outspoken manner. He has a strong sense of self-worth and tries to be humble about himself (either out of politeness or some sense of propriety), or he may express it in a particularly abrasive form of self-righteousness. Tharros has incredible amounts of courage, both physically and mentally. That being said, he has the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation with no problem. He can easily face physical pain hardship, death, or threat of death. He acts rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement. The key aspect of Tharros' personality is his strong, mostly unalterable convictions. He values honor above reason and is rarely forgiving to those that upset him.

Abilities: He has a wide array of abilities he can use in combat. Born to be a fighter, he has spent the countless years of his existence honing his abilities. He has incredible physical fortitude throughout his entire body, allowing him to pull off astounding feats of herculean strength and can suffer high extents of pressure as well as damage. While his vision is only normal, it can act as a sort of telescope, allowing him to zoom his vision at will and see clearly from far distances. His eyes also allow him to perceive his surroundings in the darkest of areas as if they were under light. His beak can send forth a barrage of quick and deadly pecks in addition to a lethal bite using his formidable fangs. His tail and talons are prehensile, able to grasp objects with surprising speed and accuracy and are highly useful for combat. His tail aids in balance and is quite flexible, which he typically demonstrates by coiling it around even the smallest of objects. Despite his tail's slim and weak look, it can actually withstand slightly more than Tharros' weight and can be used to strike foes. His highly durable wings allow him to reach speeds up to an average of 130 mph relatively quickly for quite extensive amounts of time. His top speed has shown to be over 400 mph, but such a speed wears his wings down far too quickly and prefers to use this speed for emergencies. He wings can be additionally used to wrap around his body for increased defense and even a quick and powerful melee strike by lashing them forward. He also has the ability to adapt to high altitude environments. He is able to withstand extremely high or low air pressure and isn't disoriented or deprived of normal breathing capacity by it as well as high wind friction, accompanied by an innate immunity to vertigo or fear of heights. His enhanced lung capacity assists with this. He has learned to control his flying well and can fight while airborne just as efficiently as on the ground. Tharros has a regeneration ability which mainly shows its usefulness after combat. He can heal from injuries slightly faster than what is considered normal and he can survive otherwise fatal wounds. This has additionally allowed the numerous scars inflicted on him throughout his years to eventually fade and vanish.

Aerokinesis: Tharros has limited control over the element of Wind. With a hefty flap of either wing, he can create and launch razor sharp, crescent-shaped constructs of wind from the feathery appendage. These cover a wide area and are known to cut through metal, but their accuracy is poor and it takes some time for it to be unleashed. Using his enhanced lung capacity mentioned above, he can release a cone shaped torrent of wind from his beak. The reach of this is rather far and the most it would accomplish is knocking an opponent off balance for a short time.

Geokinesis: Much like the element of Wind, Tharros has very little control over the element of Earth. By using his formidable strength, he can send a fist to the ground with great force that creates small fissures and has a maximum radius of 15 yard radius which often forms craters. Depending on the amount of power he places into this, it'll either decrease one's stability or knock them. He can additionally burrow just under the surface of an earthen surface and move at moderate speeds. This is mainly used for surprise attacks or to vanish from sight.

Weaponry: Tharros wields a rather strange and unique weapon called Harbinger. It is essentially 2 cross-halberds connected, creating a windmill-shaped quad-halberd. Each of the 4 ends consists of an axe blade with a moderate sized spike mounted on top. It has a crescent shaped hook on the back side of the axe blade that is useful for grappling. The shaft is made of black colored metal and the blades are composed of gray iron. Its size is large, almost reaching Tharros in height from one bladed tip to the opposing one. His tail is what mostly carries this as it retains its strength by doing so. Given its uncanny appearance and difficulty in wielding, it has taken Tharros long to master. He utilizes this weapon with a series of quick and weak slashes or thrusts typically aiming with only one of the bladed edges. More lethal attacks can be done by spinning the weapon and making use of all 4 bladed edges, although these tend to be slower. Both paws are usually used to use this large and heavy weapon, but he has demonstrated one hand and even his tail or talons cane wield Augury with just as much capability, although it’s only limited to varying swings. Tharros can throw the weapon in a boomerang-like fashion and can cover a large and wide ranged area before coming back to him. He can catch his weapon effortlessly and with no damage to himself if his back is turned or his eyes are focused elsewhere, even with one hand. An even more remarkable feat is that his tail and talons can be used to retrieve the thrown weapon in the same manner.

Combat style: Throughout his many years, Tharros has studied and mastered numerous different styles of hand-to-hand combat. His fighting style suggests he has exceptional balance, endurance, reflexes, flexibility and control. With the abundant variants, he can adept to almost any kind of opponent. He does have vast knowledge in a wide variation of weapon styles such as swords, spears, staffs and including his own. Although he possesses a formidable weapon and is highly proficient in using it, he prefers his body's natural tools and will only use Augury when it’s absolutely necessary. He is an analytical genius and has the ability to swiftly and thoroughly examine his opponent's combat style through even the faintest of movements. By doing so, he can easily discover an exploitable weakness which he can capitalize from. He has a refined balance of offence and defense which he can effortlessly lean towards one or the other depending on his opponent. Tharros is a tactical fighter who mainly targets crucial areas in a fight such as the stomach, chest and facial regions. He is also a fair fighter and will refuse to strike a downed opponent or strike from behind. The power in his strikes is great and his claws and talons can add to this for deadly attacks. He is a highly disciplined combatant and knows his body's limits. Tharros has a signature battle cry he lets out before a fight. It starts off with a high pitched, eagle screech and ends with a deep and low lion growl.

Strengths: Tharros has 2 fearsome opposing combinations. His immense physical fortitude and fighting prowess coupled with the knowledge and wisdom gathered throughout many centuries has made him a combatant of both brain and brawn. Given the 2 elements he can slightly control as well as his fighting style, Tharros is a master of both land and air.

Weaknesses: There aren't many weaknesses for Tharros but the few he has can hinder him greatly. His eyes are moderately sensitive and he's susceptible to bright or heavily flashing lights. His agility is slightly below average and he can be put at a disadvantage against fast fighters. He is also rather large, which makes him a large target in combat. Tharros has poor range with his attacks, especially considering he lacks any sort of reliable projectiles aside from throwing his weapon and as such, he relies heavily on extremely close ranged tactics. This can put him at a severe disadvantage against more ranged adversaries. Tharros takes pride in his combat ability, which can serve as a weakness at times. He will frequently allow a foe a stronger transformation if they have one and will make no intents to stop them. His demeanor may become brash and confident if he gains the upper hand in combat, often insulting his opponent’s flaws and becoming relatively careless as a result.

Backstory: Tharros' birthplace is unknown. At a very young age he was brought into an ancient clan of warriors to be trained in their way. Most of these members much like himself were mythological creatures and were able to fight for many eras. This appeared to be one's goal; to amass an eternal army of the ultimate combatants. Since he could walk on two feet, Tharros was trained day and night to become a formidable warrior. This training was harsh and any notion of disobedience or abandonment was promptly dealt with. Centuries of this had passed and Tharros had fought in many wars; achieving many victories, but also facing numerous defeats. This clan was disbanded long ago for reasons unknown and any trace of their existence has been lost in history. Tharros has lived on and continues his training for that is all he knows. He has spent his long years seeking out countless battles to increase his fighting prowess and will continue to do so until he meets his bitter end.
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Tharros Polemitis
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