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 Splice The Hedgehog: RPG Fangame.

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PostSubject: Re: Splice The Hedgehog: RPG Fangame.   Splice The Hedgehog: RPG Fangame. - Page 66 EmptySat May 16, 2020 8:09 am

Where do I begin?

So I never did get around to making that updates video. I started, but then things began to change and I scrapped most of what I had so that I could make new footage later.

A lot of the things I've been working on are a bit more of the technical sort, but here's something that I can show.


With this screenshot alone there's a lot you can make out from it. One, I've abandoned the old HUD with the box and text, because it was very messy and had text clipping that I couldn't do anything about. This I feel has more character to it, and also gives me the opportunity to add in something new I've been working on: The Tension Gauge. The Tension Gauge is an unlockable super meter that allows you to pull off some ultimate techniques! It must be unlocked for each individual character, however. (Though it isn't difficult!) At the moment, I've only got Splice's working. Splice's is the most unique, as his is the only one that is unlocked through the main story and is also charged by taking damage rather than dishing out attacks like everyone else's. Everyone's special skill is different--be it as simple as an ultimate attack or a temporary moveset change. In Splice's case, it's the latter!

Stuff like this has been made possible due to me finally figuring out how to fix the RPGmaker2k3 (Mostly) on my main computer. I never would've figured it out were it not for my new laptop in which it works perfectly. Because of these updates I'm now able to do things I previously never thought possible, such as actual animated battle backgrounds, and of course the tension gauge graphics themselves. For now I've been working on finalizing mechanics and getting a set system in place. Trying to get it to flow like a proper game, and not introduce random things at random times. I'll go into more detail in the updates video.

It's also worth noting that skits have been progressing a fair bit since last post.


Splice The Hedgehog: RPG Fangame. - Page 66 8nV4rZT
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Splice The Hedgehog: RPG Fangame.
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