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 RPG Maker?

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Arala Cran
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Arala Cran

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RPG Maker? Empty
PostSubject: RPG Maker?   RPG Maker? EmptyFri Mar 20, 2009 10:25 pm

Well, not too sure if it will apply, but I most likely AM aware how some
of my friends who go here with a diffirent identity are still in the works
with this system, so I will get a topic started of it. The first thing I advise
is a free and easy-to-find link of it: CrankEye

My forte is of RM2K3 (RPG Maker 2003)

and a resources page is this one recommended by me:
(I go here as Etna)

Should this not be a good place to post this subject, I would kindly ask
any of the staff to move this data to it's proper destination accordingly.
I just didn't see a spot for the development systems here...

RPG Maker? Hs-new10
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Smash The Echidna
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Champion Of The Blitz
Smash The Echidna

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PostSubject: Re: RPG Maker?   RPG Maker? EmptySun Mar 22, 2009 11:21 pm

Well, this can be used to make fangames, yet it can be used to make other games. But, to keep things a little organized, I'll move this to the fangames section.

RPG Maker? 8nV4rZT
"Most of us are completely different species, but that doesn't matter. We're all family here." - Smash The Echidna
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RPG Maker?
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