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 Sonic Forces

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Arala Cran
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PostSubject: Sonic Forces   Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:37 am

Opening a topic about Sonic Forces here for one. Not much to be said in my viewpoint; however, I do say it caught my interest for something. Basically from what I saw it looks almost like Sonic Generations although truth is it's not of it at all according to the devs. You can play with Sonic and Classic Sonic again, and this time things look far more serious than ever before.... but now here's what caught my interest: "You can make a custom avatar of yourself as a Rookie unit too!" Okay now that sold me! Also you're an important part of the story along with Sonic this round and seems both he and his Classic Self vouch for you to join up in the fight! So far there's only 7 races to choose from, I was a bit disappointed but I'm sure if there's a sequel, there certainly will be far more later on in the distant future.

So far you can be:
Hedgehog (obvious),
Cat (obviously shown as the first),

And there's a voice set for you too, dunno if that can be a custom variant though. You're also armed with Wisp Tech (forgot the name of the gauntlet) which lets you do various stuff like from Sonic Colors, I think. A obvious one is the "Burst" (Flame) type which lets you burn stuff and slightly rocket-boost in a direction like Sparkster from Rocket Knight Adventures although not as effective as his jetpack, still cool though lol! what will YOU be if you get it? Me? Hm, I didn't decide yet either but since I'll be getting both PS4 and PC versions, and have both a JP and a US PSN account, I'll have a choice of two, and once that's decided, then I can make an even better OC character appearance for if I was with Sonic for this site too! Razz

my thoughts of what to be...?:

Also though I am wondering WHEN the game will be released, as like with Sonic Mania, the date has been delayed further ahead so I'm lost..... *facepalm*

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Smash The Echidna
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PostSubject: Re: Sonic Forces   Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:46 pm


There's only one true answer for who I'd choose as a custom character.


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Sonic Forces
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