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 Max's Characters

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Character sheet
Name: Mackenzie Peterson Irvaron
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HP (Health Points):
2567/2567  (2567/2567)

PostSubject: Max's Characters   Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:55 pm

Name: Mackenzie Peterson Irvaron the Tiger (goes by Max). Mackenzie means "son of Kenneth," Kenneth means "handsome," Peterson means "son of Peter," and Peter means "rock." Fitting names, considering his personality.
Gender: Max is a male.
Species: Max is a Bengal Tiger.
Age: 14. He's underage, so there's lots of stuff he can't do.
Birthday: Max was born on 9/22/2002, making him a Virgo.
Appearance: Max stands at 3'3, about average height for a Mobian. He also weighs 69 lbs. which is heavily influenced by the workout he gets while fighting. This lesser weight makes him very light-footed.
Max has light hazel-colored eyes that don't really have anything special about them... until Max either gets extremely mad or he puts his mind into his body, when they become red. When this happens, a fire-like aura surrounds him, and his skin is a bit lighter.

Speaking of his skin color... it's just a normal Spanish tan. It lights up a bit when he goes into his forms, but stays the same color as normal if he isn't going 100% in his forms.

His ears are always a little perked up, but that doesn't matter, considering that his slick, bangless brown hair covers them up. His eyebrows are kinda bushy, but not that much. His nose looks faint and not that special, and his mouth is smaller than the normal one is. His arms are average; not really jiggly, not really wavy. He's light on the thighs; other that that, he's got normal legs.
His hair is brown, and it goes off to the sides of his head, making him bang-less. He also has a rather long tail and retractable claws that he can use in daily life.

Max has a great body physique, thanks to his workout. His trademark outfit is a yellow, short-sleeve vest with his name on it and casual black pants. This is his outfit codenamed "Star."

Sometimes, he'll wear an leave an long-sleeve orange jacket that he leaves unzipped to show his short-sleeve black T-shirt that says "Winner" in big, white, all-cap letters. He codenamed this outfit "Badass Cocky."Side:
Personality: You know all those video game characters? There's the Hero, the Hero's Best Friend, the Love Interest, the Loli, the Useless Fanservice Girl... Well, Max isn't like those tropes.
Max is compassionate and loyal, though he is very easy to tick off. Though if you aggravate him he's plenty aggressive, he'll try to be the best person he can be.

Max is not good at taking charge, at least, that's what he thinks. He prefers to let people he thinks are better than him do the important stuff while he does the minor jobs.

If Max knows something is not going to work, he will not try it. He believes that setting yourself up for failure is stupid, and that going through with that plan is downright moronic.

He does not take humiliation well, and can get really emotional. With his Path, when seriously mad, his eyes turn scarlet and he gains his full potential. Now, with all this, I think you'd think "Well, this guy looks like he has anger issues."

Not entirely incorrect, but Max is kind. Not a Hero, an Anti-Hero, or a Villain, just a guy who helps people he thinks need help.

Unless you did something to annoy him. Then he'll send you straight to hell.

The thing about Max is that he knows his limits. He knows his flaws, and tries to improve. Sometimes.
Likes: Max likes to play soccer and do track, just for the fun of physical activity and a workout. In fact, he’s fairly good at both. He just loves doing anything that involves exercise. He usually plays games like Capture the Flag, dodgeball, and golf.
Max, though he isn’t renowned for it, also loves to tinker with stuff, but he usually lets the “smarter” people do it for him when it matters. Max is fairly good at programming and coding, which helps him get into stuff that most kids would have to ask the school technician about. Max, though he thinks he sucks, is an excellent tactician. He makes simple plans, foolproofs them, and puts them into action, just as a tactician should.
Max also likes singing and dancing. He had a perfect pitch, and is very flexible. However, he hides this skill because he wishes not to embarrass himself.
Dislikes: Max dislikes strawberries; they just don’t taste good to him. He has a phobia of bugs, and HATES the Western Pop Singer accent.
He ESPECIALLY dislikes people who tick him off.
Friends: Alexia the Hedgehog, Terra the Ocelot (at times), White the Rabbit (at times), Tina the Bat (at times), Amy, Cream, the Elders who taught him his skills
Best Friends: Kennedy the Chaos Tiger
Crush/GF: Chloe the Chameleon
Enemies: Terra (at times), White (at times), Tina (at times), Shadow's crew & most of Sonic crew (most of the time), Dr. Eggman & his crew
Vehicle of Choice: Bicycle. He named it Sparksurfer, it's yellow, and he is very skilled in riding it. It's almost a motorcycle to him.
Powers: He can generate blue lightning by manipulating his life energy, a skill he had to practice a LOT in many villages. He can turn his entire body into lightning, use lightning to float, make the ground static, stuff like that. HE can also just plainly manipulate his own life energy.
Strengths: Reliable if he's your friend, loyal if he's your friend, pretty smart, can figure out basic and kind of complicated things out easily, will apologize to you in a second if he's your friend
Weaknesses: If he's not your friend, he doesn't care about you. If you tick him off... say your prayers, my friend. Also, Max can get really emotional at times, and is not the best at dealing with traumatic experiences. He is very easy to aggravate, and not the easiest to trust. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if he's a friend or a foe, because he can go from rainbows to just rain in a second.
Another thing that you'll notice (especially if you're in a roleplay with him) is that though he can be professional, most of the time he's a cocky jerk. I mean, he thinks that anyone annoying him is not worth his time. That doesn't yell COCKY or anything.

Max has a lot of secrets. He won't even tell his closest friends them, which sends an off vibe.

If you get Max really mad, he sends this "get the hell away from me" wave. He can be scary at times, which is not the most positive trait in the book.
Goals: To live a life of adventure by being a bounty hunter, getting rich, eventually settling down and living a successful life, continuing the family business as an oil company owner
Theme Song: Neon (RWBY), Handclap (Fitz & the Tantrums)
General: Max, after fully being able to manipulate his life force, knows how to go into the High Tension form. In this form, his fur become cyan-colored, and he is a lot stronger. However, he has yet to master the form.
Authors notes: None
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Max's Characters
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