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 All your GM Sonic engine needs

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PostSubject: All your GM Sonic engine needs   All your GM Sonic engine needs EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 4:04 pm

Hello I'm here to give you some Sonic engines for game maker,both 3D and 2D,check it out Very Happy.


===Tyrelld8 Sonic Adventure 3 Engine(Real Nice!)===


*360 rotation
* Homing Attack - Space Bar (when near an enemy) (Modern Sonic only)
*Spin Dash - Z button (hold longer for faster takeoff) (Classic Era only)
*Super Peel Out - X Button (wait for the figure-8 feet) (Classic Normal Sonic only)
*Light Dash - C button (when near rings) (Modern Sonic only)
*Boost Attack - Z button (Modern Sonic only)
*Fly (Sonic) - Hold Z button and use Arrow Keys to move (if none are pressed, he floats mid-air)(press Up or W when on the ground)(Modern Super Sonic only)
*Fly (Tails) - Press the Space Bar once to start; press repeatedly to keep flying.
*Charge Attack - X button (Classic Super Sonic only)
*W Kaiten Attack - Space Bar (in air) (Classic Normal Sonic only)
*Roll - Down (when moving) (for all)
*Air Dash - Space Bar (in air) (Modern Sonic only)
*Wall Jump - Approach a Yellow wall while jumping; keep jumping to reach higher ground (Modern Sonic only)
*Stomp - Press the X button while in the air (Modern Sonic only)
*Slide - Press the X button while on the ground (Modern Sonic only)
*Transform - C button with 50 Rings or more (Normal Sonic only)

Here are the basic controls:

* Walk / Run - Left and Right Keys
* Jump - Space Bar
* Look Up / Crouch Down - Up and Down, respectively
* Brake / Decelerate - Button opposite in direction (if left, then right, and vice versa)

Right now I using this engine for my own Hero 3.

===The Sonic Revival Engine by Chaos Rush(Smooth)===


Sonic Advance Engine by Lewis Cross


===SONIC_EXTREME_HYPERSPEED(Best!)(Sonic fangame, Testrun, effects on middle) by ZARBOMBA===

Sonic Revival engine used

Sonic The Hedgehog Lite Engine created also by Xenonite11(No need for the full version of GM,YAY!)


Sonic Dash and Dash + (also known as the Sonic Xmas Engine) is an open-source Sonic the Hedgehog engine created by Damizean and RogueYoshi(AI! and Azure Lake Zone! OMG YAY)


===Sonic Ultima Engine by Alex Z===


===Iso Sonic Engine New===
by DanF and bob_the_flying_monkey


Super Sonic SRU Tutorial created by DoctorSonic1 (Want Supa Sonic for your Sonic Revival?)


===The Super Ring Engine The open source Sonic engine for GM 8 by MalcomX and mrpeanut188 (Tons of Gimmicks)===


For others check out

More soon...


===Sonic 3d engine example created by SuperSmashBrosBrawl (Very epic)===


===Sonic Simple 3D Engine created by my bf on DA, Nikko the cat (IT HAS LOOPS!LOOPS!!!)===


===Sonic 3D Engine v4 created by Yal===


===Sonic- 2_5D Demo 1_2 created by Xenonite11===

No Source yet but he said he would release it

===Mario 3d Engine V3.9 created by Triplejctick(real nice,replace the sprites wit some Sonic Xtreme sprite and you got Sonic Xtreme)===


More soon...
give credit to the creators

hey your game could be in the next SAGE
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All your GM Sonic engine needs
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