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 Fancharacters Log 2

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PostSubject: Fancharacters Log 2   Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:28 pm

This is made purely because the first one is more or less disorganized and I need to organize it. So, I am going to post a good majority of those fancharacters from there to here, leaving a few there.

Name: Twilight the Ethereal
Age: Ageless
Gender: Female
Race: Lynx
Appearance: Looks like Blaze with nicole's hair, ears, and tail. She is completely black with red where the dark purple was on blaze, has green eyes, and her muzzle is grey. She wears a black leather trench coat, black tanktop, black leather gloves, black leather combat boots, black jeans, and black bracers on her wrists.
Personality: Silent, Serious, Talks only when she needs to, Merciless, Quick to act, and Obediant.
Powers: Can use basic-level felena style magic, basic-level omnikinesis, basic-level energy manipulation, has speed equal to Knuckles, has strength equal to Amy.
Weakness: Chaos-Based attacks, Space-Based attacks, Time-Based attacks, Weather-Based attacks, and Spirit-Based Attacks.
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Friends: N/A
Enemies: Anyone who opposes Anubis.
History: Nothing is known about Twilight except for she is the only one among Anubis's creations that used to be something. She was kidnapped by Bellaluna not long after Sinu had been sealed away as punishment. She was then brought to the underworld where Anubis corrupted and warped Twilight into what she now is. She didn't leave the underworld until she lost to Smash and Sinu. Afterwards, she left the underworld, her current location unknown.


Name: Dia the Hedgeangel
Age: 2 years old (Created, looks 15 years old)
Gender: Female
Race: Hedgehog/angel and/or bird
Appearance: Looks like Amy Rose but pure white with light blue eyes. Has white feathered wings as well. Wears white gloves, blue tennis shoes, and a pure white silk dress that goes to her ankles. She also wears a strange star-shaped bracelet.
Family: Demon the Hedgedemon (Sister)
Personality: Sweet, Caring, Pacifist (Unless her sister is in danger), Nice to all (Even those who are evil), and somewhat spacey at times.
Romantic Interest: N/A
Powers: Basic-level Solarkinesis and can fly. Her speed on ground is equal to Cream and her strength is equal to Silver. Her flight speed equals that of Rouge.
Weakness: Dark-Based attacks
Likes: Reading books, playing board games, playing with children, and hanging out with her sister.
Dislikes: Violent Video Games, Online Games, Bullies, and her sister being harrassed.
Friends: All children
Enemies: All bullies
History: She is one of the two second experiments made by G.U.N. when they used Geralds notes on Shadow the Hedgehog. Dia was considered a failure due to her pacifist nature and little combat ability. As a result she was almost literally thrown out into the world. After her sister broke out and found her not long after, the two have been traveling since, evading G.U.N.
Daima-Refer to profile.


Name: Daima
Age: 2 years old (Looks 15 years old, Ageless)
Gender: Female
Race: Hedgehog/Angel and/or Bird
Appearance: Looks like Dia but her wings are black, has dark red eyes, her dress is dark red, her gloves are black, and her tennis shoes are yellow. She also has black energy and white energy swirling around her. Her hair also turns ebony black.
Personality: Serious, Focused, Cold, and Sarcastic.
Romantic Interest: N/A
Powers: High-Level Shadowmancy, Low-Level Chaos Powers, High-Level Solarmancy, and Can fly. Her strength is equal to Shadow. Her ground speed is equal to silver and her flight speed is equal to Sonic.
Weakness: Time-Based Attacks, Space-Based Attacks.
Likes: Protecting Dia
Dislikes: Dia in danger, sad, or angry.
Friends: N/A
Enemies: Anyone who puts Dia in danger, makes her sad, or upsets her.
History: She was born inside Dia's soul when Dia was created, as a resort, she is generally not the one in control. She only comes out when Dia's life is in danger or Dia is extremely sad or angry. She has yet to actually take control of Dia.
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Fancharacters Log 2
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