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PostSubject: Hero and NFVSTHECS   Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:14 pm

Kay is Tailsman char, Cathra is mines.

You people here are smart,I need you tell me what you think of the anime game series similar to Fusion Fall(I made one episode on Youtube with my theraginglions account, 62 views is a sure episode 2) I'm making called Hero(don't steal!Cause I copyrighted it,which cost me 200 bucks!),and here is a short description:


Kay Hyken(Main)


Kay's Opening:Born with a scar on his left eye in Japan at 1994 with the ability admit positive and negative energy(people with powers are called Medea humans or Mutants,four kinds:Cosmixs,Blastons,Adaptions,and Ultimeas).Kay lived in Japan up until the age of three,his family moved to Africa due to his dad getting a job there,them a year later they moved to Inland cause his mom found a new job there,at seven Kay's family moved to Mexico until his dad could build a skyscraper,and then they moved to New York City where his parents built their new job.At eight, Kay met Cathra(an African American boy who is months younger than Kay,his left eye was struck by lightning that is how he get his electric powers after getting his parents killed by the NF and getting hit in the head,forgetting everything but his name.Cathra's parents were Cs which are a group of good guys with powers,which makes Cathra a Cs)at a hospital after Kay got hit by a truck in a massive thunder storm,they quickly became friends and are joined by new friends,they fight off any mutant that uses their powers for evil.

I need you to tell me if this would make a good series?
So what ya think?
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~Hoarder of Memories~
~Hoarder of Memories~

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PostSubject: Re: Hero and NFVSTHECS   Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:48 pm

What is this, now? You've got the wrong forum here. The News forum is for site news. I'll move this to the lounge for you.


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