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 Twilight the Lycalo

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PostSubject: Twilight the Lycalo   Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:01 pm

Name: Twilight

Age: 21. He has stopped aging at age 18

Species: Twilight is a Lycalo, a creature that is part wolf and part bat. Given his appearance and abilities, he is a cross between an Arabian Wolf and an Egyptian Fruit Bat

Gender: Male

Height: 3 feet, 8 inches tall, including his large ears which give him an additional 6 inches in height.

Weight: 60 pounds

IQ: 110

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Single

Dominant hand: Right

Known relatives: Only his parents are known. His father's name is Lance while his mother's is Vivian.

Birth Place: Downtown Station Square

Residence: An abandoned house in Westopolis.

Occupation: None

Alignment: Neutral Good

Birthdate: October 31

Gourmet of choice: Twilight is both a carnivore and a frugivore. Almost any assortment of meat (preferably medium rare) or fruit will greatly satisfy him.

Beverage of choice: He always enjoys an all-natural, fruit flavored drink.

Appearance: Short, sky blue fur covers his entire body excluding his tan skinned arms. He has a pair of warm, comforting and highly expressive gold colored eyes with black pupils. His build is rather diminutive, lacking any visible muscle mass. Being a cross between a wolf and a bat, he has traits of both creatures excluding a pair of fangs and claws. For the wolf, he has four thick, arched, evenly lengthened and vertically positioned bangs that stick out of the middle of his forehead. A round, jet black nose sits on the end of his broad, white furred muzzle. This flares out to the side at six different sections and each flare tappers off to a point. The top pair curls upward, the middle pair is straight, and the bottom curls downward. An ovular patch of white fur covers his stomach/chest plus a long and shaggy tail with a white tip that is typically carried in an arc. As for the bat, fur spikes out into five thick, arched tufts of fur on the back of his head, looking somewhat like shoulder-length hair. Large and alert bat ears with tan inner areas are perked on the top of his head. Lastly, a set of cobalt blue bat wings with a tan inner area and scalloped edges protrude from his upper back. His wingspan is three and a half feet when his wings are fully stretched out. Both his tail and ears move varying on what emotion he feels. With his ears, things like happiness make them appear to perk up more, while sadness causes them to droop and hang low. They also have a tendency to twitch or fold back when he becomes irritated or frightened and often flap about in momentum. His tail sways side to side or curves upwards when he feels elated. When intimidated, his tail becomes erect and sticks straight outward.

Attire: He wears a pair of plain, yellow finger-less gloves with large sock-like cuffs. His choice of footwear consists of yellow shoes with two white horizontal straps going across the top with white soles. Two metalic silver buckles fasten these straps in place on the outer sides of the shoes. He also wears a pair of orange pants with his tail poking out of the back. Twilight refuses to wear any clothing for his upper body with how difficult his wings make it. Even if he were to cut the upper back out of a shirt, he complains it's uncomfortable for the fur on his chest.

Abilities: Twilight's status as a crossbreed has granted him great advantages. His most notable ability is flight. His wings are perhaps the strongest thing on his body. With the resilience in his wings, he can reach speeds up to 160 mph on average rather quickly for quite extensive amounts of time. His true top speed has shown to be 300 mph, but such a speed wears his wings down far too quickly and preffers to use this speed for emergencies. He also has the ability to adapt to high altitude environments. He is able to withstand extremely high or low air pressure and isn't disoriented or deprived of normal breathing capacity by it as well as high wind friction, accompanied by an innate immunity to vertigo or fear of heights. His enhanced lung capacity assists with this. He has the ability to create small gusts of winds with a quick flap from his wings that would most likely knock an opponent off their feet at the most. His wings are also quite durable and can be used to wrap around his body for extra protection or even a melee strike by lashing them forward. Once he begins to use his wings, they lose their curved edges and are fully outstretched. With his large bat ears, Twilight has exceptional hearing and can hear with amazing clarity, distance, and even frequencies outside normal range. He can pick up every single sound, decipher layer upon layer of differing sounds or conversations and locate the source of the noise. He can focus his hearing to one specific are, or filter out everything but the wanted noise. Twilight also has the ability to utilize Echolocation. By generating sound waves from his mouth, the sounds bounce back and inform him of his surroundings. The sound waves only cover the area in front of him up to thirty yards out and can even be used to locate hidden or camouflaged targets. With his strong wolf legs, he can reach speeds up to 60 mph and has the ability to run for many miles without tiring. He has the keen sense of smell of a wolf and can use this to detect specific persons, objects, substances or even places and track their origin with this keen sense alone. Although his vision is only average, he can utilize Night Vision to see in a dark atmosphere or environment as though it were well-lit thanks to his wolf side. His eyes obtain a bright glow while this is activated. He can focus his hearing and smell and nearly double their ability. He must be motionless while doing this and must have absolute concentration on the sense. Only one sense can be focused at a time. His hearing can be improved to the point he can hear an individual's heartbeat within close proximity and be able to determine if they're lying or not. He listens for things such as a change in heartbeat and strain in voice to do this. His nose can detect lying too, as well as sickness and emotions by picking up what smells or hormones they secrete. Twilight is naturally skilled swimmer, able to use his powerful legs and wings to propel himself at moderately fast speeds. His enhanced lung capacity mentioned above allows him to stay submerged for moderate amounts of time. His Night Vision and Echolocation can be used to their full ability while underwater. He has a small amount of knowledge in the art of hand-to-hand combat which he combines with his acrobatic proficiency and increased agility. With all of his upgraded senses and his agility, Twilight can be quite stealthy at times and would make a difficult target to hit in a fight.

Weaknesses: Although his wings are durable, his inner wings cannot take much damage. Even a single weak strike can temporarily disable his wings and bring him pain. Twilight's overly sensitive bat ears are highly susceptible to loud or high-pitched sounds, which bring great pain to his ears and can instantly cripple him. Other sounds may throw off his Echolocation's effectiveness. If roaming in a dark area with his Night Vision activated and he is exposed to sudden bright lights, his eyes don't have time to adapt to the quick change and this can blind him momentarily. His Night Vision also takes a few moments to reach full power and the darker an area is, the more time it takes to adapt which also means it takes the same amount of time to readjust to normal light. If enhancing his hearing by concentrating, his ears become twice as sensitive. Despite being able to detect lying, he cannot not differentiate between a white lie and a secret. This power can be subconsciously blocked when around someone he trusts; say a best friend or a family member. Despite having a decent amount of knowledge in the art of hand-to-hand combat, Twilight's lack of both training and combat experience renders this almost useless. Anything spectacular he performs is most likely out of luck. He is also intimidated rather easily and will always attempt to flee a fight. With his below average physical strength, he cannot dish up much damage, but this can be made up for with his agility. Not only can he not deal much damage, he can't handle much either. It doesn't take much to knock him down. He obviously isn't a fighter and prefers to avoid confrontation altogether.

Night form: Twilight may appear to be harmless and innocent; however, as the sun sets and lunar energy envelopes him, he takes on a monstrous form he calls Nightmare. It is a perfect combination of Vampire Bat and Werewolf. This transformation happens by a shadowy aura of dark purple energy shrouding his entire body and takes roughly ten seconds to complete. He gains forty-five pounds from his huge increase in muscle mass and grows eight inches in height. This doesn't include his ears, which now give him an additional nine inches in height. His hands and feet grow to the point his gloves and shoes are destroyed. His pants become dark violet and the bottom of his pant legs become torn as well. Ironically, these restore to normal after the transformation. His fur becomes a long and shaggy jet black exluding his gray skinned arms. His ears obtain a gray inner area and become triangularly curved and face outwards. The fur on his stomach, muzzle and the tip of his tail become a dark gray color. His now jet black wings with a gray inner area grow far larger, sporting a wingspan of five and a half feet. They also become demonic in appearance; obtaining an almost reptilian-like look with three evenly separated spikes protruding from the bottom. Dark claws form from each of his fingertips and all of his teeth become long and pointed with his canine teeth being more prominent. His pupils and irises vanish and his eyes become a soulless glowing red. Twilight loses all intelligence and speaks with grunts, growls and other primitive noises including his trademark howl. He enters a feral state of mind and possesses a primal and unstoppable rage. His physical strength is increased tenfold and is able to dent thin metal with ease. Thicker materials take time to dent. With his teeth, he can take a nasty bite, able to effortlessly penetrate flesh and possibly damage bone. His lower jaw also gains the ability to unhinge for a more lethal and ranged bite. His highly durable claws are only moderately sharp, but it's his strength that makes them deadly. He can easily tear through timber but thicker materials such as steel and metal take more effort to cut through. His speed on foot and in flight are increased slightly, meaning on foot he can reach 165 mph, and while flying, he can reach speeds up to 240 mph for seemingly limitless amounts of time. His wings can even be used to squeeze his prey to death. His skin becomes rock hard, granting him increased durability. Although a small amount of heavy attacks or several small ones can bring this monster down, the healing factor he has allows him to recover from injury rather quickly. He must feed on blood to survive. As such, the more recent he feeds prior to an injury, the faster he heals. Wounds can heal almost instantly if he feeds while injured. He can survive mutilations so long as he doesn't bleed out or have his brain or heart removed. His senses are heightened dramatically as well, able to see, hear and smell far better than Twilight. His Night Vision is replaced with Infrared Vision and his Echolocation is added with an ear-splitting Sonic Scream. He becomes a mindless beast who only has one objective and that is to feed his hunger. Unlike Vampires or Werewolves, his victims don't convert and are simply wounded or worst. This unstoppable monster does have a couple drawbacks. If he is deprived of blood and goes long enough without feeding his hunger, his body will begin to rapidly shut down and eventually enter a comatose state. Cold blood will severely poison him instantly. Being a mindless beast, he isn't much of a strategic fighter, preferring to quickly charge at a foe and overpower them with quick and deadly combos using his fangs and claws. This can put him at a disadvantage against experienced fighters. If enough evil is committed by this monster, Twilight will gain willpower strong enough to possibly control this beast for a short amount of time. The hybrid's voice could even be heard in an echoing manner and he can inform any nearby characters to attack with no mercy. Exposure to the sun does not kill him but rather transform him to normal by shrouding him in a blinding white aura. The effects of garlic, silver, wooden stakes and items of Holiness do not apply to him either. This form has not been seen in two years.

Death: Twilight has the inability to die, at least permanently. He can die until his lifeless body is exposed to the moon. This will cause him to transform and his Night form will show no signs of injury or death prior to the transformation. Even through dismemberment, as long as his severed parts are within a close proximity they will pull themselves back together. This also means he does not require sleep. The same goes for his Night form as well; the only difference is exposure to solar energy.

Hobbies: Twilight always enjoys a morning flight to strengthen his wings. He also alternates to running to keep his legs strong as well and vice versa. This is how he expresses freedom from his Night form.

Likes: One thing Twilight loves the most is the Sun, especially when it's in the early morning. He enjoys putting his senses to good use as well as meeting new people.

Dislikes: If there's one thing Twilight absolutely despises is the dark secret that dwells within him. This represents everything he dislikes which includes senseless violence, death and any variations of the two.

Personality: Twilight has a friendly personality and is easy to get along with. He enjoys joking around from time to time, but if the situation doesn't call for it, his demeanor changes almost instantly. He is very selfless and puts others before himself. He possesses well manners and has a tendency to act shy towards strangers. Twilight is an innocent hybrid who finds good in just about anything or anyone. He enjoys relaxing and hanging out and with his carefree demeanor, it takes a lot for him to lose his temper. He is quite a curious individual and he always likes to know what's going on around him. He's an honest and kind hearted crossbreed who has a knack for adventure. Once he turned 18 and his curse unleashed itself, he was tormented by this curse and haunted by the blood of the innocent on his hands. He became overly meek and timid, constantly denying his actions under his Night form. After admitting to himself his own monstrous sins, he preferred to be anti-social and get close to no one for fear he might bring them harm. With his every attempt to confine himself at night lying in vain and remaining a puppet to the monstrosity, he eventually became insane with literally no care in the world whatsoever. Things reached a critical point and he was close to becoming suicidal and then severely insane. Soon after his discovery he gradually returned to his old self, only now if the sun starts to set and he is away from his home, he can become paranoid and stops at nothing to make his return. He also has a constant fear the beast within him is waiting to be unleashed yet again.

Themesong: Animal I Have Become - 3 Days Grace

Backstory: Twilight is born from a race of creatures known as the Lycalo, a creature composed of an uncanny hybridisation of wolves and bats. Their kind has lived across the world for centuries. There are 3 variations of this species. Some are Wolf Lycalos and resemble the wolf more much like Lance. Others known as Bat Lycalos appear more like a bat such as Vivian. On a somewhat more infrequent basis are the True Lycalo with an even combination of the two in which Twilight would be an example. Lycalos are known for being creatures of darkness, lurking deep in the night commiting malevolent acts of every kind. They typically formed packs or groups and only a small percentage were solitary. Lance and Vivian however wished to discard such a lifestyle. The two were friends since a young age and always disliked the ways of their kind. They wanted a whole new generation of peace loving Lycalos and they were determined in their task. With their lifelong frienship becoming more intimate, they made their home in Station Square and the first order of buisness was giving birth to their one and only son, Twilight. They both became a part of the Police unit in Station Square, putting the skills they learned to good and legal use. The couple strived to raise thier son to live a normal and happy life.

After graduating from a Station Square High School, Twilight earned a scholarship to a Westopolis Community College. He wished to pursue his dream and obtain a career in Criminal Justice where he can put his abilities to good use. He wished his parents a hearty farewell and moved out to Westopolis. His parents provided him with enough money they saved up since his birth for various school supplies and a dingy bottom-floor apartment. This was how he started and would begin to work his way up. He wished to have a comfy life and be successful in his career. A year later on the night of his 18th birthday, he got the surprise of his liife. There is a curse within the Lycalo bloodline that appeared every five generations. A sole randomized individual would be born with this curse and it would not affect them until they were fully grown. The cursed Lycalos underwent a transformation depending on which trait was more prominent. The Bat Lycalos adopted traits of a Vampire Bat, while Wolf Lycalos obtained attributes of a Werewolf. The more rare True Lycalo would undergo a hybridisation of the two beasts. The strengths of both were granted with niether weaknesses. Twilight had tranformed into this mindless and ferel beast. He headed for the nearby city where his reign of terror began. Twilight was terrified by his own feat the next morning. He was born pure of soul, the exact opposite of his "other self." He found his way back home where he began pondering about his prediciment. Twilight strived every night to keep the beast concealed by bonding himself with various tools he found in the streets such as chains and cinderblocks. Every effort was futile and night after night, people were dying by his hands.

After a year of this carnage the area around his house was empty from people fleeing and his seemingly endless hunger, so he began attacking neighboring cities. Even the military's best efforts were futile. Things grew bleakest and the crossbreed was prepared to take his own life for the better of the world. One fateful night shortly before the moon rose, Twilight used the very tools he obtained to hang himself. He died happy knowing his curse was over and people were free from the living nightmare. A smile even fixed on his muzzle as he drew his last breath. Much to his extreme dissatisfaction, the moonlight glowed onto him and his body still attained the shadowy dark purple aura. His Night form was unleashed and unrestrained itself to run amok. The next morning, a very alive Twilight was highly perplexed on the events that transpired. After realizing death would not bring him peace, his already severe insanity increased exponentially. Experiencing death multiple times resulted in life no longer having meaning. He no longer cared about his sins and did not even attempt to stop the monster. He would even wander the streets of unfamiliar places during the day rather than find his way back home like he used to.

There was a glimmer of hope however. He discovered that exposure to ultraviolet light may return him to normal. He traced himself back to his former residence. Night was soon upon the hybrid as he frantically searched anywhere that may have an ultraviolet lamp of some sorts. With most of the stores being abandoned, it made things a whole lot easier. All his regained hoped began to diminish, when suddenly he came across a store with a vast collection of fluorescent black light tubes. They were rather large, and the crossbreed was only able to grab four. As he made his way back to his former home, he did not hesitate to place them around the house. He sat on the floor with the four UV lights on all sides of him. Time grew short and the sky began to blacken. The UV light gleamed on him as he watched the moon rise over the horizon. The moment of truth was upon him and he awaited the transformation. After what felt like an eternity, the hybrid let out a long sigh of relief. His curse no longer tortured him and he was free. With no more death on his hands, Twilight began slowly regaining his sanity and gradually opened up to people again. His part of town returned to normal after the denizens realized a threat was no longer upon them. Twilight kept his supply of UV lights up so he'd never run short. He has lived a peaceful life for two years now and he couldn't be happier despite his career never becoming a reality.

A week after he freed himself from the Nightmare, he traced himself back early in the morning to where he was raised. He tracked his parents down who remained in the same residence upon his departure and informed them what had happened to him. Lance and Vivian were surprised beyond all reason and hesitantly informed their young son of the Lycalo history. After obtaning this knowledge, Twilight bid farewell to his parents and set off back to his residence wishing not to be close to them for fear harm may come their way. He reached his home far before sunset where he continued his typical routine. The fear of his Night form returning still occasionally creeps up on him as well.

Trivia/Miscellaneous information:

* Twilight was originally named "Project: Noctis Mutatio", an experiment conducted by corrupt G.U.N scientists. Midnight was his alias matched with a dark color scheme and he was only three years old, but physically 16.

* His creation was October 25th, 2010 and was my way of celebrating the spirit of Halloween.

* His species is the Greek words for wolf (lýkos) and bat (rópalo) melded together.

* His color scheme is inspired by the morning sky. His sky blue fur and cobalt blue wings represent the sky. His white and fluffy muzzle, the hair on his chest/stomach and his tail tip resemble the clouds. Finally, his golden eyes, gloves, shoes and orange pants signify the Sun.

* During his development, I narrowed him down to being a Bat with Vampire Traits or a Wolf with Werewolf traits. Since I preffer hybrids I decided to merge the two ideas together.

* His love for the sun and his solitude contradicts the lifestyle of both wolves and bats. Both are nocturnal and tend to interact within groups or packs.

* The fact his wings are a darker color than his body is a trait of the Egyptian Fruit bat, whereas its fur color is tan with standard brown wings.

* His name of Twilight is derived from the time of day, which is the time between dawn and sunrise or sunset and dusk, both of which are when his transformations happen. It has no relevance to the Twilight series of books and movies. Personally, I don't even consider the creatures in that series Vampires or Werewolves.
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Twilight the Lycalo
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