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 Sunlight Sole Shootingstar

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PostSubject: Sunlight Sole Shootingstar   Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:35 pm

Title:High Emperess- Sunlight of Sunnyopia

Name: Sunlight Sole Shootingstar

Nickname(s): Sunny, Sun Girl, Lady

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Solar Hedgehog

Birthday: Oct. 25

Place of Birth: Heartful, Sunnyopia

Personality: Sunlight is a cheerful and adventurous girl. She occasionally teases her friends. She loves to encourage and support her friends and family. She also is incredibly strong-willed. If she believes in something, and believes that it it should go one way, she won’t take "no" for an answer. Sunlight searches out the beauty in life, the calm and peaceful scenes. She loves to sketch and paint with watercolors, and also create digital artwork. She is an animal lover, and enjoys a good hammock on a tropical island. Her home planet has many beach resorts for her to enjoy, and if you are ever looking for her, you might find her relaxing at the "Coconut Coliyps Resort" in her hammock.



  • Head: Long lashes that go down and out; pink lipgloss with sparkles; her hair falls around her face in a perfect form, and her longest hair falls in the back and reaches her tail; her eye color is emerald green; and her ears are a medium size, slightly larger than Sonic's.
  • Colorings: Sunlight is a blonde colored hedgehog, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. The only color difference on her is her mouth area, which is a skin color.
  • Clothes: Casual wear would appear as so: She usually wears a red long-sleeved u-neck shirt, normal jeans, a brownish/greyish scarf with off-white polka-dots, and crème colored strappy-wedges with little pink and purple flowers with leaves.
    Normal formal wear: Sunlight wears a red sundress with wispy ribbons and a matching sunhat off to the side. Her shoes are crème colored strappy-wedges with little white satin ribbons.
    Formal winter wear consists of the following: Long white dress with diamonds trimming the neckline, a cloak that ties at her neck with fuzzy silver fox fur on all of the rims; three rings, two rings on her right hand, and one on her left; she wears a heart-shaped golden necklace; and tall wedges with diamonds all along the top.

Likes:She likes her family, her friends, and treats like chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

Dislikes: She dislikes spiders, beetles and things that hurt her family or friends.

Family: Queen SunUp, King Solare and Moonlight.

Friends: Elec, Rystar, Smash, Alpha, Omega, Gamma, Light, Silver Haru, Hero, Sanin, and Aditya.

Best Friends: Elec, Rystar, and Omega.

Enemy(s): Anyone of evil doings.

Favorite Place(s) to Hang Out At: In 'n' Out, Strings, Coldstone Ice-cream, the park and her swimming pool

Favorite Foods:

  • Artichokes
  • Cheese Burgers
  • Steamer Clams

Favorite Beverages (besides water):

  • Ice Tea
  • Lemonade
  • Hot Tea
  • Hot Chocolate

Side: Good

Power: Solar Energy

Crush/BF: No current relationship

Crush on her: None that she knows of


  • Solar Heart: Her most powerful move. It destroys anything in its' path. Solar Energy from all around comes and attacks her enemy(s). Sunlight hardly ever uses it, since it uses up so much of her strength.
  • Light Flow: A tornado of Light comes and swirls around her enemy(s), holding them there like a prison. If anyone were to touch the Light Tornado, they would be sent flying up and backwards. She can't do this move very often, since it uses up so much energy.
  • Rain of Fire: Like rain, Light particles come down and flood her enemy(s) (and it burns like fire would).
  • Solar Flare: A huge ball of Solar Energy rams into her opponent.


  • Sunlight can bend her Solar Energy to form a path under her feet, giving her the ability to walk even in the air. This move is limited because it uses up her energy.

Weapon(s): Raydius (her sword) and Beamis (her bow and arrow)

Strength(s): She is strong against Darkness (able to resist)

Weakness(s): Naive, she can be too trusting and caring which can be used against her.


High Emperess- Sunlight was born in Heartful, a happy yet busy place in Sunnyopia. She was separated from her sister at a young age, but when she found her, they knew one another right away. Sunlight had grown up learning how to use a bow and arrow. She was, at a young age, skilled with using it.

Goal: To have peace throughout the Universes

Theme Song: Flying High (remix)=


Name: Solaris
Gender: Female
Species: Star Wolf
Power: Light
Picture(s): (Old pixel, will update later)
Solaris by Lightstream-Kitty
Extra Info: The Star wolf is the rarest wolf in all the universes. The Star wolf, both male and female, use Light power as their very essence is of Light.

Name: Firefly
Species: Normal Chao
Type: Neutral/Swim/Fly
Moves: Sun Cross, Solar Bow and Sunny Slash
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Sunlight Sole Shootingstar
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