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PostSubject: The F-Team   Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:24 am

Honestly it's been awhile since I've done a TRUE fanfic. The last time I did one was Krinkinko the hedgehog's story but that was a grammatical mess. Just look at the title (LOOK AT IT Twisted Evil ), I plan to fix it up soon in fact I was working on it on Microsoft Word before the file got deleted Sad .

Anyways after a long while I made The Galephani Saga which is more of a roleplay than a fanfic. Right now I'm working on a new fanfic that should have the written format of the first and the grammar of the second (Well, Gale's posts lagged in grammar for the most part).

I'm also making this fanfic so I can get feedback on my writing skills and hopefully I'll be able to finally make a fanfic about Krinkinko's father, Weepillow.

In the mean time though I'll focus on my newly adopted characters the A-Team. Feel free to give feedback.

Chapter One:Nobody

A sad face looked down the street. He could never fit in anywhere. Not at school, not at home, not anywhere. His family were...sneaky. They stole from anywhere you could imagine; gas stations, schools, churches, hospitals, Babies R' Us, absolutely anywhere! So that's why he had to keep a low profile because if he became well known and if anybody decided to put two and two together Face the Hedgehog would be no more.

Face sighed scratching a white tuft of hair atop his brown head. "How am I suppose to get a job without telling anybody my name?" Face started to cry a little.
"Besides," he said. "What can I get a job for? My family is the body clan. How am I suppose to explain to my boss that!"
he cried.

Face gave up, there was absolutely no way he could get a job, not even as a low-paying job because the moment someone saw his face...his tarnished face it would be game over right then and there.

A lone Echinda was dozing off on a chair in his office. Even though his office light was on he stared outside his window looking at the night sky polluted with city lights. He sighed and slumped down in his chair. What would he do now? What COULD he do now? All of his past jobs were a mishmash of tears, sweat, love, pain, and laughs. The laughs though, were what He remembered the least.
"[/i]Let's say I DO get a job." He thought as he slumped down farther and slid out the chair onto the cold floor. "If I get a job who says there won't be anymore pain?[i]" he asked himself. Truth was, no one did say there wasn't going to be pain. The Echidna then picked up a picture frame of a lovely Monochrome furred Hedgebat wearing diamond studded earrings and with gold wings. As he stared at her his vision blurred and he saw a male albino Echidna kissing the Hedgebat. In a fit of rage the Echidna threw the picture frame on the ground thus shattering it and started sobbing. At that moment he vowed to never get a job..not after what happened last time.
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The F-Team
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