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 Eggman's family

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PostSubject: Eggman's family   Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:44 am

I'm making a list of and collecting ideas and theory's about Eggman's family. I'm asking because I want to make a fanfic about them because they're possibly the biggest and most interesting family in the Sonic universe. Here is my list so far with their relation to Eggman (not counting ancestors): Maria Robotnik (Cousin), Colin Kintobor (Brother), Hope Kintobor (Neice (Colin's daughter)), Mama Robotnik (Mother), Gerald Robotnik (Maternal grandfather),Snivley Kintobor (Nephew (Colin's son), Dr. Warpnik (Cousin), Unamed father (he appeared in a flashback in the comics), Robotnik Jr. (robotic son). And I'm done. Now can you help me?
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Eggman's family
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