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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Fancharacters   Wed May 04, 2011 12:57 pm

I plan on making much more detailed and significant biographies (Like what Smash did on his Wiki page, nice job man!), but for the short term I'll use the standard format.

Name: Eclipse the Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 17
Birthday: Unknown
Appearance: Has lime green fur completely covering his body, contrasting with crimson red eyes. His quills are somewhat oddly shaped, with the three spines on the back of his head curving up while the four on the sides of his head point down.
Side: Neutral (-1), he only helps others if it benefits him as well.
Personality: After a series of horrific events involving abuse and betrayal, Eclipse no longer trusts anyone. He prefers his own company and utterly refuses to interact with anyone else. He is highly abrasive and sugarcoats nothing, but refuses to sink to the level of the people who so badly mistreated him.
Family: Sunshine (Twin sister)
Likes: Time alone to think, training, eating, stealing advanced technology for his own study and use.
Dislikes: Almost any sentient being, GUN, anything that interrupts his quiet time.
Friends: None
Best Friends: None
Crush/GF: None
Crush on him: None
Enemies: GUN, Dr. Robotnik
Allies: Dr. Robotnik
Weapon of Choice: None
Fighting Style: Both fast and skilled, he fights by relentlessly assaulting his opponents with rapid physical blows, then finishing with a powerful barrage of special attacks.
Vehicle of Choice: None, although prefferably something that flies.
Powers: Chaos energy (artificial), Shadow control, Wind (applicable element)
Strengths: Is highly adept at hand-to-hand combat, skilled at evading, excells at hitting fast and hard, uses high-level special abilities
Weaknesses: Has low defense, and magical techniques are highly effective. Mental attacks can also work, but be careful...
Goals: Survival
Current Theme Song: Confession, by Red
Super Forms: Eclipse's super forms are incredibly powerful. In fact, they are probably his best abilities. His Superform multiplies his power by 50, his Darkform by 100, and his Hyperform by 150. Because of this incredibly high power surge, these super modes are impossible to achieve without at least all 7 chaos emeralds, and are extremely taxing. For example, Super Sonic looses one ring each second. Super Eclipse would lose ten. In Hyper form, the impossibly high power increase causes him to loose his personality and he becomes almost robotlike, completely focused on the goal with no emotions or sidetracks.
Authors notes: Eclipse used to be little more than a recolored Shadow with a little of Sonic's appearance mixed in. As time went on however, he rapidly began to become his own person, as well as a considerably more orininal backstory. His appearance hasn't changed too much, but the qull design was edited to keep him from looking like a clone. He also became rather overpowered, as was the only way to compete with the other fancharacters I was playing with. Lately though I have been doing a strict revision of his (and my other characters) abilities, and not only is he no longer rediculously strong, but there are realistic reasons and limiters that come with his powers.


General Melee Attacks
Costs 1% of base energy to use
HP Damage is one fifth of Strength.

Melee Defense
Must pay energy equal to one tenth of the opponent's strength to block.

General Energy Block
Can block BL1 attacks as normal, must spend 50% more energy to block BL2 and 100% more to block BL3

Shadow Burst
HP Damage is 5x the energy used.
Subtract 20% of your speed from this technique.
Block Level 3

Chaos Spear
HP Damage is 5x the energy used. (6x due to piercing type)
Add 15% of your speed to this technique. (-25% due to piercing type)
Block Level 1
This technique will deal 1x HPD even if blocked, due to it's piercing nature.

Chaos Blast
HP Damage is 5x the energy used.
Add 20% of your speed to this technique.
Block Level 2
This technique is an AoE attack and can hit up to 4 targets at once.

Death Chaser
Costs 10% of your base energy to use.
HP Damage is four times your strength.
This is a physical melee technique, and can be blocked as such by paying 50% extra.

The user sacrifices vitality for power. For every 10% of HP base sacrificed, the user regains 15% of their base energy.

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