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 Terrador Bellator the echidna's bio

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PostSubject: Terrador Bellator the echidna's bio   Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:56 pm

Full name: Terrador Bellator

Species: Echidna

Gender: Male

Height: 3 feet 8 inches tall

Weight: 105 pounds

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Marital status: Single

IQ: 130

Age: 19

Dominate hand: Ambidextrous

Known relatives: Quake (father) and Gaia (mother.) Both were part of a mighty Geomancing clan. Once Terrador was born they departed the clan with their consent in hopes their son would live a normal life. Also Terios (brother.) The two were separated at birth and are completely unaware of eachother's existence. His location is unknown.

DOB: 6-17-92

Birthplace: Downtown Station Square

Residence: Somewhere deep in the mountainside.

Occupation: None

Social Class: Loner

Alignment: Neutral-good

Top speed: 35 mph (on foot) 160 (using Geo transportation, see below.)

Fur color: Brown

Appearance: Broad chest with a tuft of green hair going across it. His hands have five fingers rather than the boxing-glove shaped ones echidnas have. Thick green markings run down the outer side of his eyes. Small spikes protrude from the knuckles on his pinkie and index finger. Fangs are visable when his mouth is open even at the slightest. His tail is long and bent angularly in three places. He has green, ring-shaped markings on his palms and the backs of his hands with matching ones on the tops and bottoms of his feet. These markings are the key to his Geokinesis, glowing a bright green whenever he uses his powers. Once his power is drained, they become a faded dark green.

Dreadlock style: Nineteen brown dreadlocks cover all sides of his head. Four on each of the sides, five on the back and six on the front, three on each side that covers the corners of his eyes. The bottom half of the dreadlocks are also a darker shade of brown and seem to be made out of rock itself. The two halves are evenly separated by thin green markings that loop around each dreadlock. His tail shares a similar trait, having a rock-looking outer half with the green ring. The dreadlocks on the front of his head reach to his muzzle, the ones on the side reach down to shoulder height and the back ones go down to waist level. The middle dreadlock on the back of his head reaches to his mid-back and is also twice as thick.

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Tan muzzle

Attire: Gloves and shoes are absent. He wears a tan trench coat that he chooses to leave the front part open. The sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. This part of the sleeves is a dark brown. Lastly, he has baggy dark brown jeans that have his tail poking out the back. The jeans are held up by a tan belt. The belt buckle has small imprinted green lettering that spells “GEO"

Alternate attire: A baggy pair of baggy tan shorts with thick dark brown lines going down the sides. They are held up with the same belt described above. Banadges are wrapped around his hands and feet and his dreadlocks are tied together by a green headband. This attire is typically worn more for fighting and resembles his father's.

Abilities – Geokinesis: Terrador is able to manipulate earth and rock, in all its various forms. His Geokinesis isn't his only asset. He usually combines his power with his skill in martial arts matched with his acrobatic proficiency. Terrador also has exceptional endurance and must undergo a lot of damage to go down for the count. The following is his move set.

(1) Basic rock movement: He can hurl large boulders at enemies or bombard them with a barrage of smaller ones.

(2) Tremor: By slamming a fist or a foot on the ground he creates small tremors that stun any enemies within a ten yard radius.

(3) Earth smash: Terrador can easily destroy rocks and boulders with punches and kicks or sometimes even a head butt.

(4) Geo launch: While Terrador likes being rooted to the ground he can quickly move rock beneath him and launch himself several tens of feet into the air, whether to catch airborne opponents or to travel faster.

(5) Geo Spear: Utilizing his earth surroundings, Terrador forms a spear shaped projectile he can launch at incredible speeds.

(6) Rock hanging: Terrador also possesses limited magnetic capabilities, allowing him to grasp vertical surfaces and cling unsupported to earthen structures. This takes massive amounts of concentration and can also be extremely dangerous to attempt in a high area if low on energy. All four markings must be in contact with whatever he is attempting to climb

(7) Earth compression: It is possible for Terrador to compress large chunks of rock into smaller, denser chunks, or to compress several smaller chunks into one big piece of rock.

(8 ) Quicksand: A variation of Earth compression. Terrador turns the ground to quicksand to immobilize an enemy, or catapults into the air and softens the earth to ensure a safe landing. He can also perform the reverse of this, compacting sand together to create harder projectiles or a firmer grip on the ground.

(9) Geo wall: Creating a wall slightly taller than himself, he can protect himself against projectiles, although a very powerful projectile or many weaker ones will go right through the wall. He can also hurl the wall at an opponent for quicker retaliation.

(10) Rock filtering: If Terrador comes across a muddy puddle; he can separate the earth and water particles. Although the end result leaves him little earth to use and even then it is usually damp

(11) Dust cloud: By shaking the ground back and forth, Terrador can create dust clouds of various sizes to provide cover.

(12) Geo line: As an offensive attack, Terrador can create a line of twisted columns and propel it forward.

(13) Rock Armor: Terrador takes the earth around him and molds it to fit his body, always leaving his eyes uncovered, creating something similar to armor, increasing his offence and defense in turn for some mobility until it wears off.

(14) Rock Gauntlet: This much less advanced version of Rock Armor can be used to throw back opponents with hard solid force. The technique is useful in that it grants some level of the protection of Rock Armor but allows the rest of the body to remain flexible.

(15) Rock Doppelganger: This attack has two different purposes, one offensive and one defensive. Terrador can form a rock replica of himself within seconds that seems to be him donning the Geo Armor, only the uncovered eyes are solid rock, creating a “Rock Decoy”. If preformed swift enough, foes will place all attention away from him, allowing him to capitalize the situation. This is the defensive quality. He can further utilize that as a “Rock Clone” and control it into attacking enemies out of sheer concentration, obviously being the offensive trait. Only one can be formed at a time and each doppelganger lasts just four seconds before crumbling to dust.

(16) Remote Geomancing: If Terrador is suspended from the ground, but is aware that there is earth somewhere near, he can focus his energies and manipulate that earth out of his physical reach out of pure focus.

(17) Earth tracking: Terrador contains partial tracking capabilities. By placing a palm on the ground, he sends out a small Geokinetic shockwave that can sense any hidden enemies within a five yard radius.

(18 ) Meditation: Something used to regain lost energy, specifically his Geokinesis. He sits in a meditative position, erases all thoughts and spiritually bonds himself with the earth around him that literally lends Terrador its power. This is performed by small glowing orbs of green energy that surface from the ground within a ten yard radius. These orbs circle around him momentarily until they are brought onto him. Upon contact, a green aura will pulsate around Terrador for a split second. This is mainly used after a battle as a form of recuperation. The process itself is rather slow, taking several hours and possibly numerous sessions to reach full strength.

(19) Geo transportation: Being somewhat sluggish on his feet Terrador can create a wave of earth that he rides on to use as his means of transportation. The wave itself hovers just above the ground and is slightly wider than his arm span. The only two downsides are this takes alot of energy to produce, plus intense concentration; even the slightest distraction can cuase him to lose control. He can also force a wave of earth outwards as an extremely powerful offensive attack.

Geo Boost: A form where Terrador unleashes his inner potential. A green aura surrounds him, he gains a slight muscular increase, his dreadlocks seem to float and his Geokinesis is greatly increased for a short time. With his greater power and stronger connection to the earth, Terrador can move hill-sized statues at will. Some of his attacks are doubled. For example, Geo Spear becomes Geo Lance increasing in speed and power by two. Defensive attacks such as Geo Wall and Geo Armor double in durability. Tremor becomes Fissure and triples in range plus deals little damage in addition. Rock hanging only requires two markings, preferably either hand or feet markings instead of all four and is easier to maintain. Using Geo Transportation allows him to reach a top speed of 225 mph. Rock Doppelganger quadruples in both the number of decoys he can have at once and the amount of time they survive, meaning he can spawn up to four decoys or clones that can survive up to 16 seconds. His Earth Compression alters heavily, changing to Powered Compression. To initiate this variation, Terrador must gather boulder-sized rocks and simultaneously compress each fragment into smaller, denser and harder rocks, essentially keeping the rocks under pressure for more volatile attacks if needed. Lastly, the rocks are directed to orbit around him until they are put to use. His strength, agility and endurance are increased to a lesser extent, but is still fairly noticeable. Using any of the aforementioned moves, or using his Geokinesis in general shortens the amount of time. The only two downsides are he cannot replenish lost energy and once the time runs out he is basically powerless. This is a rare form, only gazing in the face of death will trigger this spontaneous transformation.

Geo Blast: This devastating move is unlocked through Geo Boost. Covering his body with the earth around him or using the rocks from the Powered Compression, he uses the remainder of Geo Boost in addition to a majority of power beyond that to unleash it in all directions with intense speed. As the earth leaves his body it is formed into shrapnel-like fragments that can penetrate through nearly anything. However, after this attack is preformed his power is completely drained and is only used as a last resort.

Geo Burst: This is the shortened of Geo Boost. In a troubled situation that involves his Geokinesis such as building an oversized wall or attempting to move a mass of earth beyond his abilities, Terrador will activate what seems like a three second Geo Boost to place all his power into it. The end result leaves his just as powerless as before.

Personality: Terrador is stern and unmovable like the element he controls and can also seem emotionless and non-caring sometimes, but the fact he wouldn't hesitate to lend a helping hand contradicts this. Just like the earth he is rooted to his duty and is proud, persistent and enduring. As a result of his seclusion, he has a problem trusting people at first. Furthermore, he is very paranoid and will act on anything that moves. Despite this, in the face of danger he remains vigilant and goes about his action cautiously. Terrador is also very protective of the earth, acting downright rude to those who mistreat it and sometimes even hostile. He is a very loyal ally to have and is also an honest echidna; well he could not be so sucsessful with lying in the first place. All in all Terrador is laid-back and down-to-earth and once this echidna trusts someone, he will bestow that individual unbelievable kindness.

Weaknesses: Terrador is extremely hydrophobic and the water also hinders his powers. His reliance on his lower body affects him as well. Removing him any substantial distance from the earth, such as in the air, strips him of his Geokinesis. If a direct strike were to occur on the center of his hand or feet marking, his body would be briefly enveloped in green sparks, causing his Geokinesis to be disabled for a short period of time. Another weakness is his tendency to overexert himself. Unless he finishes an enemy quickly before doing so leaves him vulnerable. If Terrador gains the upper hand in a battle, he has a habit of gaining a cocky demeanor, ultimately making flippant decisions.

Power source: As mentioned above, the markings on his hands and feet are the key to controlling his power. His connection to the earth is his main source. His lack of gloves and shoes strengthens this as well. He shares a give and take relationship with the earth. The earth lends him its power, which he takes to utilize for his own intentions and if possible, he places any earth he used back into to ground, his way of returning the power and therefore beginning a continuous cycle.

Combat style: While in combat Terrador acts very decisive, always listening and waiting for the proper time to strike. In other words, he generally endures his enemies' attacks until the right opportunity to counterattack reveals itself, then strike with unyielding force. He utilizes heavily rooted stances plus strong kicks and punches that evoke the mass and power of earth. He maintains a distinct balance between offensive and defensive capabilities to overwhelm opponents. Furthermore, his father is a powerhouse in all sense of the word, who attacks slowly, but deals heavy damage and relies on tricking his opponents in falling into his attacks. His mother is the sheer opposite. Her low physical strength is backed up by high dexterity. She can execute lengthy combos swiftly and efficiently. Terrador is a combination of them, boasting almost as much punishing brute force of his father matched with nearly the amount of blistering agility of his mother. This is the also the sole reason he has trouble conserving energy. Mentally, he never backs down no matter the situation. He fights until victory or defeat and any variation of the two, including death. He acknowledges the foolishness of this mindset, but he was trained this way by his parents and he sticks with it.

Random fact: Upon Terrador’s death, his body would literally turn to virtually indestructible rock. Soon after, his green markings leave his petrified body and form a glowing sphere of energy that hovers above him. Since this is the embodiment of his power, it expands heavily and creates a formidable and harmless explosion of green energy. This returns his Geokinetic energies back to the earth.

Backstory: Terrador Bellator lived a normal life of a happy kid. This was until the age of six when he unleashed his dormant geomancing capabilities. This phenomenom occured during a frivilous game of tag with his father. As the young echidna reached an arm out to tag him he fell flat on his face. His father accompinied his son who had tears and dirt in his face. The tears soon vanished and his body began shakig. His mother appraoched Quake worried about her son. Quake, remembering a similar event that happened to him when he was young, sheilded him and Gaia in a dome of rock seconds before Terrador let out a scream followed by bright light that consumed the place. Terra found himself on an island in the middle of a massive crater, petrified by his own feat. Quake and Gaia realized their son has unlocked his hidden power. They then made a mutual agreement to train their son, his father even teaching his vast knowledge of martial arts, keeping their history of the geomancing clan they were formerly a part of in the dark. They soon found their son was powerful, far exceeding their expectations. By the age of nine he surpassed his own parents. Things were going great for him until at the age of twelve while the family was asleep deep in the night Terrador awoke to his father telling him these group of assassins came to collect the bounty that was placed on them. He also told him they captured his mother and was attempting to use her as bait to lure him into a trap. A noise went off, his father demanded that he get as far away as he can. Terrador fled with many unanswered questions, worried and terrified for his parents but knew this would be best for him. He ran and ran until he found himself alone deep in the mountain side. He thought the worst for his parents but they raised him strong and knew if anything bad happened they did it for him. Even if they did sacrifice themselves it would not be in vain. Terrador survived by making shelter out of the earth around him, using his Geokinesis to hunt for food and even found bodies of water to drink from. seven years has passed since he has seen his parents or any signs of civilization. Terrador Bellator has gone under self-training in hopes of avenging his fallen parents who he knew well enough were either dead or being held hostage.
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Terrador Bellator the echidna's bio
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