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 Re: Sonadver's bio

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PostSubject: Re: Sonadver's bio   Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:56 pm

I'm gonna re-post Sonadver's bio as a result of updating. Anyways...

Name: Sonadver (A fusion of Sonic, Shadow and Silver)

Nicknames: N/A. Although my friends tend to call him the "hedgehog cluster-f**k"

Age: Ageless immortality (Physical age of fifteen)

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

Height: 3 ft, 3 in

Weight: 77 lbs

IQ: 150

Marital Status: single

DOB: April 12, 2007

Birth Place: unknown

Residence: a house Sonic, Shadow and Silver once shared on the outskirts of Central City

Occupation: G.U.N soldier and agent

Social Class: hero

Economic Class: Middle

Alignment: Good (sometime neutral)

Top Speed: 780 mph (using his ESP,) 805 mph (running,) 830 (using his hover skates.)

Abilities: Being Sonadver the hedgehog, a fusion of Sonic, Shadow and Silver, he can bring out every attack the three can do. He can also induce Chaos Control without a Chaos Emerald. For a more in-depth view of his abilities please vist the following.

Hobbies: Extreme Gear racing

Talents: Very flexible and acrobatic. Sonadver is surprisingly a good singer. He also does extremely well in hand-to-hand combat and has a high liking for weaponry. He is also an exeedingly well Extreme Gear racer

Weaknesses: Sonadver's immense power is very unstable and even the slightest overuse of power will drastically overtire him and leave himself vulnerable. Though Sonadver can swim very well, the Sonic in him will never overcome the extreme aquaphobia.

Personal facts

Friends: any friends of Sonic, Shadow and Silver are his friends too

Rivals: Same as friends

Enemies: Anyone who goes up against him

Known relatives: none

Favorite activities: roaming the lands as freely pleases or accompanies himself with those who love and respect him. Sonadver has some reverence for Dr. Eggman, but still stops his sinister plans if they go too far

Dislikes: feeling useless or bored, boring G.U.N assignments, mostly seeing loved ones get hurt in any way, especially for no reason

Gourmet of choice: The Sonic in him would never decline a chili-dog

Beverages of choice: something as hardcore as he is

Favorite color: Blue, black, red, white

Personality: Sonadver’s personality as expected is a mixture of Sonic, Shadow and Silver’s. Sonadver is a hedgehog with an attitude just as fluctuating as his urge for adventure, he is sassy and quick-witted with a passion for just enjoying life, leaving the past behind, and to always move forward without regrets. He's smooth, cool and popular, and tends to let this get to his head from time to time, possessing a somewhat narcissistic tongue. However, he is quite a gentleman and possesses good manners and an air of politeness. He is a hedgehog with ambition, to put it simply. With a wit and conduct as crude, sharp, and fast as his physical ability, he is definitely not an individual whose buttons are to be pressed. He can be as serious as a heart attack and is sometimes very quiet and reserved, but when necessary, he is quick to lend a helping hand, no matter how coldly honest it is. He is as smart as a whip and quick to trot, remaining ever sombre and vigilant in the face of danger. He is a hedgehog who concentrates on his motives and when Sonadver is determined, he is quite literally unstoppable. He is also a loyal ally, determined to protect those he cares about from danger. He has clearly defined morals and a nigh unshakable stride. Once a threat rears its ugly head, you can bet he’ll be there to stop it at all costs. Naturally, this mentality gives Sonadver a personal grudge against injustice of any sort and willing to align himself with whomever is willing to help his cause. Moreover, he gains a confrontational demeanor, acting downright rude to those who show the slightest hint of getting in his way, making him somewhat unapproachable somtimes. Sonadver is not without fualts, his personality brings out the flaws of Sonic's cockiness mixed with Shadow's seriousness mixed with Silver's immaturity.

Physical appearance

Attributes that Sonic, Shadow and Silver share: The body in general, the long, thin black nose, the triangular perked ears with tanner ears, the tan muzzle, the legs, the back quills and the tail

Fur color: Blueish-gray (includes body, arms, legs, quills on his back, tail, head and ears)

Skin Color: Tan round stomach, tan muzzle, tan hands (hidden by his gloves)

Eye Color: Ebony

Quill Style: The five white quills Silver has on the front of his head. On the back of his head, he has Sonic’s six blue quills, but the three on the bottom are black and red, just like Shadow’s

Other bodily features: Sonic's face (mainly the eye-shape), Silver's scarf-like hair with the front parts shaped like Shadow's chesthair, resulting in a mane of some sort, and the four red markings Shadow has on his arms and legs

Attire: He has the big yellow wristbands Silver has with Shadow’s rings on top minus the red and black tounge (the long glowing line on each of the wristbands are slightly thicker and go straight down the middle. Shadow’s rings are bigger, big enough to fit tightly on the wristbands.) Under the wristbands are Sonic's large, sock-like cuffs which are covered by his wristbands and that appear to be attatched to his gloves. On his gloves, he has the strange markings Silver has. He has Sonic’s shoes with Shadow’s skate accessory and collars matching the ones on his gloves are above the shoes.

If riding Extreme Gear he wears black-framed glasses with gold lenses on his head and wears the other version of Sonic’s shoes. Sonadver actually wears them over his eyes during a race unlike Sonic and Shadow. He also wears the other version of Sonic's shoes


Super: With the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonadver can attain a super form. The six quills on the back of his head curve upwards, the two quills on the left and right side of his head move barely upwards and the other three stay in place. The three quills on the bottom half of the back of his head remain half red, the other three turns yellow-beige, the three on the top half of the back of his head turns golden yellow and the other five turn pale gold. His eyes turn red and all of his fur except his mane and the red markings on his arms and legs turns a deep, deep gold. Like previous super forms, Super Sonadver can fly and can only die from any sorts of suffocation or penetration, however he does not consume rings and only reverts to normal from exhaustion. The glowing markings on his gloves, wristbands and collars brighten up to some extent and the back of his mane curves upwards. He can bring out Super Sonic’s Arrow of Light by drawing the blue light into his body, Super Shadow’s Spear of Light by charging the red light and Super Silver’s Shield of Light with a somewhat larger range and holding proficiency. Super Sonadver also has the ability to use telepathy and his personality remains the same, although he has a tendency to be a little cockier.

Hyper: With the power of the seven Super Emeralds, Sonadver can attain a hyper form. All of his fur and quills except the mane, and his red highlights flashes the same colors of the Chaos Emeralds, going in order from red, to cyan, to yellow, to white, to purple, to blue, to green. His quills and mane remain in the same style as his super form and his eyes turn crimson. The glowing marks on his gloves, wristbands and collars turns into markings of bright light. The power he possesses in his super form is increased. His Arrow of Light becomes the Missile of Light, His Spear of Light becomes the Lance of Light and his Shield of Light becomes the Barrier of Light, all are twice as powerful. His voice echoes, he leaves afterimages in his wake and is completely invincible to everything. He does not consume rings and can only revert to his super form from exhaustion. Sonadver also has to go to great extents to attain this form and his personality is a lot more serious than before as a result. His power is nearly godlike.

Dark Super: If Sonadver succumbs to deep, negative emotions such as sadness or anger and is within proximity to the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonadver as a result of his power being almost equal to that of the Chaos Emeralds, would cause the Chaos Emeralds to lose their color and reverse their power, turning them into Dark Chaos Emeralds, and with these Dark Chaos Emeralds Sonadver unwillingly undergoes a dark super transformation. All of his fur and quills along with his four rings turns pitch black, with the exeption of his mane and red highlights. The five quills on the front of his head stay in place, the two middle quills on the back of his head curve upwards, the other four go upward, but slant downwards and the tips on all his quills, including the quills on his back and his tail turns razor sharp, able to penetrate through nearly anything. He wears no gloves, but the marking that was on his gloves is still imprinted on his hands and his eyes disappear. The glowing marks on his hands, wristbands and collars turn dark red, disabling his psychokinesis, but grants him destructive pyrokinesis. He is shrouded in a dark aura and the only things visible to the aura is a somewhat vuage view of his body. He can use his new-found pyrokinetic abilities to hover for a limited time. He can also launch more powerful Dark Chaos Spears despite that the rest of his Chaos powers are no longer in use. His can move a little faster than his regular form and has unbelievably high physical durability, meaning he cannot be penetrated. He can’t die from suffocation, but cannot swim. Dark Super Sonadver does not consume rings and only reverts to normal from overtiredness or the source of his deep, negative emotions being obliterated. The thing that makes him most deadly is the fact that the deeper and longer his deep, negative emotions go on, the more powerful he becomes. Dark Super Sonadver does not care who he harms or what he does as long as he accomplishes his goal at any means necessary. The moment he reverts back to normal, so do the Chaos Emeralds.

Dark Hyper: If Sonadver is in his dark super form and his deep, negative emotions go on long enough, the Dark Chaos Emeralds will power up and turn into Dark Super Emeralds, and no matter the distance Sonadver absorbs this power and unwillingly undergoes a dark hyper transformation. His appearance remains the same. Although his empty eyes turn red and the glowing markings on his hands, wristbands and collars turns black, allowing him to unleash black fire that is way more powerful then his dark super pyrokinesis. Using his upgraded pyrokinesis Sonadver can fly rather then hovering for a limited time. The dark aura that surrounds him expands, leaving only a vague view of his hands, shoes, the top half of his quills and a clear view of his empty red eyes. His personality remains the same, but he is a lot more aggressive, sometimes merciless and his Dark Chaos Spears become Dark Chaos Lances. Just like before, once Sonadver reverts to normal, so do the Chaos Emeralds.

Ultra: With the infinite power of the Master Emerald, Sonadver can attain an Ultra form.In this form Sonadver's body mass increases. He stands four feet tall and weighs one hundred and ten pounds. Other than that, he looks exactly the same in his regular form exept his quills including the two on his back and tail grow twice as long and remain in the same style. He also takes on a very muscular phisyqe. His arms and legs bulk up, his shoulders and chest broaden and his tan, round stomach forms into a six-pack. A golden aura always envelops him and his eyes and mane turn gold as well. Absorbing so much power from the Master Emerald has deprived him of all his powers, but with speed greater than his Hyper form, physical strength more formidable than his Werehog form, sheer invulnerability, flight and having the power to revert to his normal form under his own will, no powers are necessary. His personality flaws are also very unbalanced as a result of so much power. He can be cockier than Sonic one minute, more serious than Shadow the next minute and more immature than Silver another. Sonadver only attains this form under dire life or death situations.

Werehog: Once every leap year, that one extra day, at the start of nightfall, Sonadver undergoes a fearsome Werehog transformation. In this form an extremely brutal nature envelops Sonadver and he will attack anyone he sees without mercy. Sonadver's intelligence is lost and he speaks with grunts, growls and other noises including the occasional howl. He is sometimes seen walking clumsily on two feet, but tends to run on his hands and feet to move somewhat fast. He stands four feet, seven inches tall and weighs one hundred and fifty pounds. Sonadver's muscular density is increased, giving him a rather thick body. His quills, tail, and mane remain the same (although they grow slightly along with himself,) but they are a lot more furrier. His two back quills become smaller and higher-set on his back. His fur turns dark blue as well as a lot more dense. His muzzle turns gray and his tan round stomach is covered in white fur. Sonadver's mandibular and maxillary canine teeth become sharp and pointed and extend over his bottom and top lip when his mouth is closed or open. His hands become enormous to the detriment of his gloves and wristbands, exposing his hands that are now gray and dark claws on the tips of his fingers that can tear through almost anything. His ears become triangularly curved and outward-facing and the inner ears become grey. The glowing mark that was on his gloves is on his hands, but they are faded. His collars disappear (or torn off from the incresed size of his legs) except his sock-like cuffs, which are ripped and jagged, and the red markings that is on his arms and legs is also slightly longer than his other fur. On his shoes every hole in the skate feature has a small spike growing out of it. His golden buckle vanishes and his white shoe strap turns gray and metal and has three spikes coming out of the top. Every single ability he had before is now gone, except for swimming, in return for unspeakable physical strength and his stamina is seemingly limit-less. Werehog Sonadver is also completely impregnable. Sonadver returns to normal at sunrise and awakes with no memory of what happened the following night. How or why Sonadver attains this form remains unknown, even to himself.

Weapons: Being part of G.U.N he can probably have almost any damn weapon he wants.

Vehicles: Ultimate, Sonadver's Extreme Gear. As expected it is a fusion of Sonic’s Blue Star, Shadow’s Black Shot and Silver’s Psychic Wave. It has familiar characteristics of the three separate boards that are streaked with the color of the hedgehog that rides it and its main color is blueish-gray. Ultimate also has speed, flight and power attributes.

Themesong: His world (Crush 40)

Back Story: There are many possibilities for Sonadver's back story. I will use the one from the story I am currently writing. Sonic, Shadow and Silver infiltrated Eggman's base to destroy his weapon and rescue the captured Amy Rose. While there, they were trapped in a room of some sort that drained them of their power. Eggman comes along and tells them his "master plan" of Eggmanland. Sonic suggests they all use Chaos Control at once. They got their Chaos Emeralds out (which they had from the beginning) and induced Chaos Control and accidentally fused together. The new-born hedgehog known as Sonadver broke free, attacked Eggman rescued Amy and demolished the base. He later joins G.U.N and battles fallen foes that united.

Other ways Sonic, Shadow and Silver can be fused are Miles "Tails" Prower, Dr. Eggman or G.U.N building some kind of three-way fusing mechanism or Princess Elise can use her powers to use the same method she utilized to resurrect Sonic.

Fusion Perfection: The fusion of the three hedgehogs is so perfect because of their many similarities such as being male, anthropomorphic hedgehogs that have the same height and weight. They each have a super form in which their eyes turn red and their fur turns a shade of yellow. They also have many differences, for example their abilities, (Sonic’s speed, Shadow’s Chaos powers and Silver’s psychokinesis,) they each reach high speeds in their own ways, (Sonic runs, Shadow skates and Silver flies,) and they all have their own distinctive physical appearances. The fact that they’re rivals perfects the fusion even more.
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Re: Sonadver's bio
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