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 We've got a few new events this month.

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Smash The Echidna
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PostSubject: We've got a few new events this month.   Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:08 pm

We've got about 3 new contests right now. (Well, one isn't really a contest but its still user interactive.) Also, We've got a lot of new members although only 2 are active at the moment.

We've got the Fancharacter Contest:
We've got the Signature Contest:
We've got open submissions to the new FC styled banner coming up:

The one who wins the Fancharacter Contest will receive a sprite picture of their character's victory.
The winner of the Signature contest will get themselves a custom rank of whatever they want.
The FC Styled banner is its own prize, and everyone who enters wins.

Hopefully this will buff up the activity here. And when that happens, The Blitz Pit will open up to a new tournament.

Also, I plan to make a new years eve banner. And that will have many characters in it. Its gonna be a big banner. Preparations for that will be later.


"Most of us are completely different species, but that doesn't matter. We're all family here." - Smash The Echidna
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We've got a few new events this month.
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