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 The battles of Smash The Echidna, outside the Blitz Pit.

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Smash The Echidna
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PostSubject: The battles of Smash The Echidna, outside the Blitz Pit.   Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:34 pm

And occasionally in other arenas. I wanted to keep track of all of Smash's fights outside of here, so I thought I should make a thread about it, so that I can both keep track of it and let people look at them as well.

(Hedgehog Cafe link: )

This is the earliest battle I know of that I can save right here.

Arena Battle: Smash The Echidna VS Lacey The Hedgechidna wrote:

Lacey:*Jumps into the other ring.*I won't go easy on you Smash.

Smash: Good. That should make this more interesting. *cracks knuckles* Bring it! *gets into fighting stance: *

Lacey:*Runs at Smash. Moves hand forward and lightning goes near Smash.*Yes it will because I never get to fight with you in the future.

Smash: *rolls out of the way and rushes at her, throwing a punch.* In the future?

Lacey:*Blocks punch in the same way Dash would.*Yes the future. You will soon see.*Punches Smash then does a flip to get away from him.*

Smash: *blocks the punch and keeps rushing towards her to try and land a blow on her* Hmm, Suspicious.

Lacey: What?*Gets hit. Slides back. Runs at Smash and tries to kick him.*

Smash: Ah, nothing. *deflects the kick, causing her to spin a little, then tries to counter*

Lacey:*Takes counter. Jumps up and does a flip. She lands and trips Smash with tail.*

Smash: *falls down towards his face, but manages to catch his fall and leap back to his feet* You're not bad.

Smash: Hm, No wonder. *cracks knuckles and starts punching rapidly at her*

Lacey:*Moves fast out of the way of all of them.*Slow grandp-oops......

Smash: I'm only just getting started! URRGHII!! *pounds the ground and the ground shakes violently, pieces of the floor flying everywhere*

Lacey: Ah!*Flies backwards. Lands on feets in a cat way.*Oh deaaarrrrr!*Tries to keep standing. Shapeshifts so she has wings. Flies up them flies down with force. Hits Smash.*

Smash: Whoa! *stumbles over* Wings!? *jumps back to his feet* This is gonna be tricky...

Lacey: I am a shapeshifter.*Throws lightning at Smash.*

Smash: *dodges, then runs and jumps over her head while flipping, and punches her from behind while in the air* *thinks: I bet she didn't see THAT coming.*

Lacey:*Falls down.*Whoa.....*Stands up. Runs at Smash.*

Smash: *gets into a defensive stance*

Lacey:*Runs at Smash and kicks at him.*

Smash: *deflects the kick, causing her to stumble back a bit, then counters with his own kick*

Lacey:*Thinking: Grandpa is strong.......*Have you guessed how I know you yet?*Does a move that mirrors his own but with her own style in it so see if he will guess.*((Haven't decide which one yet. XD))

Smash: *blocks but nearly falls over* Yeah, I think I know who you are..*straightens up* I'll answer after this battle!

Lacey: Alright.*Waits for Smash to attack.*

Smash: *thinks: If I'm correct, this isn't going to be easy. I need to think of a good, effective strategy...She can fly, I can't. Thats a great advantage against me...*

Lacey:*Gets an idea.*Heheh.........*Shapeshifts in to Luna. Looks just like her.*

Smash: O.O W-WHAT!? That can't be possible!...No, its shapeshifting! *glares* Nice try! You can't fool me! *clenches fists*

Lacey:*Giggles. Changes back.*Calm down grandpa.........Shocked Great I let it sliped......*Runs at Smash.*Oh well I am still fighting you.

Smash: Yeah, you just completely confirmed it for me. *gets into a defensive stance, waiting to see what she'll do*

Lacey: But do you know who I am the daughter of?*Jumps up and does flip. Kicks Smash while in flip and lands behind him.*

Smash: *blocks and steps back* No doubt about it. *turns around* My turn! *runs at Lacey and looks to be throwing a punch at her in slow motion while glowing.* *goes back to normal and fist makes a bright flash while flying at her much faster than before*

Lacey:*Looks dizzy.*Er.......*Falls to knees.*

Smash: Thats what I call: Spirit Blast. I don't believe I've taught that to your father. *cracks knuckles* You put your entire spirit into an attack.

Lacey: So you know Dash is my father......then who is my mother?*Chaos controls behind Smash. Wraps tail around his leg and pulls him to the ground.*

Smash: *falls down and hits the ground* Nice move. *kicks leg back, causing her to fall towards him and then horse kicks her off*

Lacey: Ah!*Hits the wall*Not bad...

Smash: *jumps back to his feet* And you as well. You're a lot stronger than I thought.

Lacey: Look who is in my family. Of course I am strong.

Smash: I don't mean just physically strong, I mean you aren't gonna go down so easily. *smirks* I like that in a fight.

Lacey: I do too.....Guess I'm more like you then I thought.*Gets ready.*

Smash: Get ready, 'cause this one's gonna hurt! *starts focusing his energy*.....Rrrrrrgghh.....*starts to glow a bit*

Lacey:*gets ready. Watches closely,*

Smash: *floats up into the air* UUURRGHIIII!!! *transforms into Super Smash*....*holds hands into the air and everything starts to get darker and redder.* Take this: METEOR SMASH!! *calls down a meteor from above and throws it at Lacey*

Lacey:*Falls down. When it is over she is laying on her stomach out cold and badly hurt.*....

Smash: *falls to the ground on his feet, back to normal and walks over to Lacey*...*picks her up and lifts her over his shoulder* You were good. But now its time to wind down. *walks out the ring and to the infirmary*

Lacey:....*Goes in and out.*

Smash: *looks at her at the corner of his eye* Know what?


Smash: Just some serious brainstorming. A shapeshifter that's my granddaughter, whose fighting style is much like Dash's, and your "constant slip of the tongues", I figured it out. *lays her down on a bed* You'll be alright, you just need some rest for now.

Lacey:*Slips into sleep.*

Smash: You're welcome. *walks out the room to leave her to rest*

This took place here:
Where at the moment, the majority of the battles that I am able to record are located.

Some pretty nice battles here from Sonic Fanon wikia.

A rather epic duel in the Cosmic Championship.
Quote :

Voice: Would Smash and Arc please report two ring two *ring two appears next to ring one*. Smash and Arc to ring two.

Smash walked into the ring, and stood at his corner. He took a moment to
look around at his surroundings. The place was huge, and a large
audience surrouned him. This place is amazing... He thought. He looked in front of him, waiting for his opponent to show up.

Voice: Repeat, Arc to ring two...

(Mysterious Hooded Figure jumps down into the ring)

MHF: Allow me to introduce myself, I am Arc Aungel.

Smash rose his eyebrow. So that's where he was. He thought. "And I'm Smash The Echidna." He returned the introduction. "Lets have a good fight, shall we?"

Arc: Oh, I know you well already, Smash. I was told to tell you that
Rachel is doing fine. And yes, let's have a good fight. *smirks*

"Oh..I see. Well, that's good to hear." He said. Urk..Rachel again? I honestly don't think I care much for that girl, but whatever. How did he know me..? He got into a fighting stance. "You can make the first move."

Arc: If you insist. *the Chaos Blade appears in his hand* Now I shall
see what truly made my son see you as worthy. Enguarde! *fires a flurry
of psyco-darts from the blade*

Son? Could it be tha-DODGE!! Smash quickly began to dodge the
darts as fast as he could, relying only on instinct. One of them sliced
past his shoulder, and another nicked his leg. But it was nothing
serious. He regained his composure and faced him. "My turn!" He ran
towards him and threw a strong left hook, followed by a spin kick.

Arc: *leans back to dodge the hook. He blocks the kick with his sword
but is thrown of balance. He steadies himself and jumps high into the
air, only to remain suspended* Quite a kick you have there, boy! *he
looks to the audience at Soro, then back to Smash* Catch! *three rocks
fly towards Smash from the ground next to the ring*

Smash looked at the rocks heading towards him, then jumped into the air
towards Arc. The rocks collided with eachother, and Smash threw an
uppercut towards him, hoping to knock him out of the air.

Arc: *shifts backwards, smirking* This is who Vendeta was so sure
about? You're a very slow fighter, but I suppose if I don't go easy,
then maybe you won't either. *the source of Arc's flight and
psycokinesis appears: two large, shining angel wings*

Smash landed on the ground and looked back up at him. A flying enemy... He thought. There isn't too much I can do to someone in the air. I COULD try to outsmart him... He looked over towards the rocks behind him. Yeah, lets try that. He grabbed the rock and slowly lifted it. DANG this thing is heavy. He's sure to dodge this. He managed to get it over his head and turned to look at Arc. "Dodge THIS!" He threw the rock towards him.

Arc: Silly boy, I don't need to dodge it. *catches the boulder with his
wings* These aren't only for flying you know. *the boulder shatters. Arc
moves a bit closer to the ground* Is this better?

The moment he was waiting for. As the boulder shattered, Smash came
flying towards him after a great leap. "Seven Stars!" He threw a mighty
punch towards his head.

Arc: *receives the hit. He falls and lands on his feet. He breathes in*
Much better. *flinches. The Seven Stars hit harder than anticipated*
Hm... goodbye. *wraps himself in his wings and disappears*

Smash landed in a kneeling position. Pieces of the boulder landed around
him. He stood up and looked at Arc, who soon disappeared. "What
the.."Goodbye"?" He looked around the ring, trying to make sure he
wasn't going to jump at him from a random spot.

Arc: *appears behind Smash* I'm back. *throws a backhand with his wing*

Smash quickly whirled around and just barely managed to block the attack. I knew he was gonna do that. He thought. He countered with a punch with his free hand.

Arc: *hit square in the nose by the punch* Urk! Is that all? Where is
the fighter that saved an entire world from having it's life force
drained? Where is the fighter who Vendeta would have trusted with
the sacred Mayhem Rubies? Is he dead? I hope not, because I was looking
forward to fighting him. Now stop trying to hit me and hit me!

"Alright, then. Enough with the warmups." Smash said, cracking his
knuckles. "From this point on, no holding back!" He tensed his muscles
and went into a flurry of vicious blows. He picked up speed and didn't
show any signs of letting up, as his attacks gradually got stronger with
each hit. Ending the combo, he came at him with a rising uppercut, a
blow like this would possibly break his jaw.

Arc: *took every blow, showing little resistance. The uppercut knocked
his head back, but with a crack it moved back into place* Urgh... That's
more like it. If you want to go far in this Championship, then you
shouldn't hold back like you were doing before.

"The reason I wasn't giving it my all was to observe your fighting style." He admitted.

Arc: It's this speed and
technique that leads you to success. Do not be afraid to live up to your
potential. Let me give you an example. * flexes wings, and creates a
shockwave similar to Chaos Blast*

The shockwave came towards him quickly. It's time to get ready to end this.
He clenched his fists and focused his energy. "URRGHII!!" He released
it in a blast of light blue aura, his fur changing to a lime greenish
cyan. He put his arms up and resisted the shockwave. It hurt a lot, and
pushed him back a few feet, but he wasn't backing down. He charged
towards Arc and came at him with another rising uppercut, following up
with another attack, he brought his fist down towards him from above in
an attempt to smash him into the ground.

Arc: *blocks the uppercut with his sword, and is thrown off balanced. He
attemps to block the second attack with his wings, but is still forced
to his knees. With Smash at a close range, he tries the shockwave again*

With the shockwave right next to him, he didn't have time to dodge or
defend. It successfully knocked him halfway across the ring. He landed
on his back, wincing in pain. That...hurt. He thought. No, You gotta get up. This form won't last too much longer! He rolled onto his stomach and pushed himself to his feet. He looked towards Arc. Just go all out on him, don't let up!
He went behind one of the two remaining boulders from earlier, and
punched it towards him. He ran behind it, heading straight for Arc,
ready to follow up with another attack.

*catches the boulder with his wings and holds it out in front of him.
He positions himself into a guarding stance with his sword* Give me your
best shot!

Smash smirked, seeing him holding the boulder. Alright then, you asked for it!
He leaped up into the air, quite high above. His fist began glowing
with its own aura, then his whole body began glowing brightly. His aura
grew higher as he put more energy into his attack. He began moving at
slow motion as he was coming down, except for the gravity pulling him in
faster than he was moving. "This is a new move of mine!" He said as he
came closer. "Divine FIST!" He yelled as he threw a mighty punch down at
him and the boulder. The impact usually let out a flash of light, but
instead it let out an explosion of energy and aura, shooting straight up
into the air. It could be seen high above the audience stands. The
boulder completely shattered from the blow, and Smash drove through it
heading straight for Arc with his fist ready for him.

Arc: Fell right into my trap. Angels MIGHT!!! *with Smash between
his wings, he draws them inward. His sword remains at the ready in case
the move does not work*

The last effects of Smash's attack created a shockwave spreading out all
around him. Smash looked up and proceeded to try and attack him again
while he was still close to him. Suddenly his aura flickered and faded
away, and his fur returned to normal.

Arc: *pulls in Smash with his wings. He holds Smash by the arms, with
the tips of his wings pointed into Smash's back* Hm... So much
potential, and so much to learn. I suppose I cannot blame you, for I
have much more experience fighting with my abilities than you do yours.
Even so, you couldn't have won with me being-- *Arc flinches. He drops
Smash, and is stunned*

fell to his knees. He began gasping for breath, after he depleted much
of his own energy from his powered up state and attacks. He looked up at
Arc in confusion. "What" What just happened to him? Wait, this is your chance. He's wide open, and I won't last too much longer in this battle.
He gathered up the rest of his remaining energy and concentrated it all
in his arm. "SKULL CRACKER!" Putting all his might behind his attack,
Smash threw his strongest punch towards Arc's face.

(SFX: Crack!)

Arc: *falls to the ground*

Voice: Arc is down. He has ten seconds to get up. *timer begins*

Voice2: Hmhmhmhm... Looks like that's two you owe me, Smash...

Arc: *fades away. He reappears next to Smash in his true spirit form* Congratulations, boy...

Voice: *timer ends* Smash the Echidna is the victor! Any closing words?

Smash held his chest and let out a sigh of relief. I managed to win...
He looked up. "All I can say is, Arc is right. I still have much to
learn, and I know that good and well. But with every battle comes
experience. I think that I've gotten quite a bit of it this time. There
are still more fighters that I'll face off against, each even more
threatening than the other. I've felt only a piece of the power that
could overthrow me, so I have to be ready for anything. And yes, I see you Pearl." He smiled and waved at the audience. He looked to the side. Thanks...Vendeta.


"Most of us are completely different species, but that doesn't matter. We're all family here." - Smash The Echidna

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PostSubject: Re: The battles of Smash The Echidna, outside the Blitz Pit.   Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:05 pm

Cool battles dude!
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The battles of Smash The Echidna, outside the Blitz Pit.
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